Sunday, May 20, 2007

The difference

I have finally discovered the difference between boys and girls*! It's not what you think, are you ready? The difference is....mud! "Mud?" you ask? yes Mud. I see a muddy lot with a big puddle and think "Yuck! Where is my hand sanitizer." My husband on the other hand thinks "YES! Buckle up, throw 'er in 4 low and (now you'll have to imagine this part) grunt like Tim the Tool man!"
Similarily the little 5 year old girl sees a muddy church parking lot and says, "Daddy, carry me! I don't want to get my dress dirty". All the while her Momma is trying desperately to convince her big brother, "No, mud is not the new soap!"

Where did I learn this valuable bit of information? Well, I've always had this inkling in the back of my mind that this was the case but yesterday it was confirmed. Corey came home from a visit to Postill Lake with his big Chevy covered in mud and a smile that lit up our house. You see, this weeked up at Postill Lake is a very big mud bog. It's a huge event with huge trucks, loud noises and lots of mud. Search it on Google and you will find countless videos of this "fun". I'm not against the 4x4ing and playing in the mud. I am however against the idea of getting OUT of the safe, dry, clean truck into it. I am so very thankful that this is what makes my husband happy. Of all of the "manly" things he could do this is one of the best ones. It keeps him happy, it's not expensive, he spends much needed time with his bro Scott and he's out in God's beauty.

When given the choice of going or staying I would readily chose staying. Not because I don't want to spend time with him but because I'm not really a fan of the getting dirty. I was the weird kid who'd rather spit on her hands to clean them than have dirt under her nails when out playing. This trip I said no because it's not the place to take a baby, and another time I'd go but I'd never go alone.

So there you have it, boys like mud and girls to name a few of our many likes. There are pictures to follow but we are eagerly awaiting their arrival. Scott is the family's great photographer so we'll have to bum a few from him.

*The above tails are only generalizations. I am fully aware of those females that love mud just like our boys...I'm just not one of them*
Oh! and please don't feel concerned I do know the real difference between boys and girls. I'm not in need of any anatomy lessens. Thanks.


Grammy said...

For anyone that reads Ashley's blog and knew her as a little girl, you will know she never liked getting dirty. I would get the kids to help me weed the garden, or plant things. Ashley always liked the supervisors job. She hated dirt. I used to be like that, then one day I had a garden I could call my own. Now I like garden dirt! :) So one day Ashley ya never know.... you too might like a little dirt.
Love you so much! Love to read your stories. You should be a writer!!!! :)
Love Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I just love your blogs, you have such a nack for writing and so informative and funny. I had just about as big of smile as my son when I heard about their outing, and ofcourse I am one of those girls that love to get the 'vehicle dirty'. If it is not full of dirt you did not have loads of fun.I must say, I do not like to get dirty myself.. I don't know if you noticed, Ashley, but Corey does not like to get dirty, himself, either. He is a little better now about not being so fussy. Keep up the great writing, Love you so much, Gramma Kimmie

Bethany said...

Ruthie calls sand "Lucky" meaning... "yucky". It's kind-da like mud. I'm trying to be brave and get all dirty with her... the other day we played with star-fish. I was such a chicken! Don't know how i'd survive if I had a boy...
great post :)