Wednesday, September 5, 2007

8 Months and counting

This Sunday marked Bethany's 8 Month "birthday". It's so very hard to believe that only 8 short months ago I was sitting in that blaaaah of a hospital room holding our very new, very tiny baby girl. Now here we are, hanging onto a beautiful and sweet little girl who with each day seems to get a little further away from being a baby. I catch myself from time to time wondering "Was she really that tiny" when I see little newborn sleepers that would have been too big on her.

With each month's changes I fall more in love with our girl. The days of her being an eating, sleeping, pooping machine are days of the past. Although she still quite enjoys doing all of those things her list of talents has expanded. She now loves to dance along to the tunes whenever I've got them on, "play" the piano with me, roll all over a room just to prove she can, jump for what seems like endless hours in her Jolly Jumper and get herself into just about anything she can find. It's amazing what things a person can put into their mouth. What posses her to want to eat her smelly sock, the corner of the newspaper or everyone's cellphone is beyond me. She's still immobile but I can tell the days of crawling or scooting whichever it may be are not far off and I'm a little afraid. Although I'm very excited for the day when she's mobile on her own I am also imagining the miles I'm going to put on chasing after her.

One of the greatest things that has come about this month is her chattering. She not only babbles now she also says "Mama", "Hi". "Dabababa"(sometimes) and on a few occasions we all are certain we've heard her say "Meoooow". Now she's only just learning these words and aside from the odd fluke of a Mama directed at me, or a "Hi Da" which blew us away it's still very random. But none the less it happens. She's also learned to wave "Hi" and "Bye". It's so sweet when you leave the room and say "Bye Bethy" and she waves her little princess style wave.

There's so much to tell and I could go on for hours but instead I'll leave you all some photos to see for your self, the world's cutest baby girl.

This is Bethy's "Camera Smile" she's learning to show off her little teeth

A little Mommy and me self portrait because if we didn't, there would be no photos of us together. I'm always behind the camera

"It's called escargot!"

She loves to stand on the chair, hang on and bust a move. A video of that is soon to come!

If you look at her feet you can see that she's pulled her self up onto her knees and toes. She's always trying to see into sometime or pull herself up.

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Tianna said...

She is getting so big and even more beautiful! Glad to hear you guys are doing well!