Thursday, November 8, 2007

Look deeep into my eyes....

In an attempt to get a good picture of Bethany's eyes I pulled out the camera during tubby time the other night. She's got lovely eyes and sometimes they look green, sometimes hazel and othertimes almost a steel grey with a tiny fleck of brown....I love them - I just want to know what colour to call them. (For passport purposes) My theory was if I stood on the edge of the tub and made all sorts of ridiculous faces and noises she'd look up, smile and I'd snap a fabulous photo. She looked, we got photos but what I wasn't thinking about was the fact that the little flash on my camera wasn't enough light. Duh....can anyone say sunlight? Yes, sunlight would have been a better idea. I'll have to try that on a day where we can beg the clouds to part and a few rays to dance though this soggy streak we're in.

However I did capture a few cute shots to share. Hope they make you all smile like they did us.

Happy girl - she loves her tubby time.

" Hmmmm....that's a very interesting theory...." or just teething.

"Mommy NO! Sit on your bum!" I'm sure this is what she was thinking as we had just finished saying almost the same thing to her - about 100 times. She hasn't quite figured out the tubby time is sit on your bummy time.


Kami said...

Very cute shots! It's hard to capture eye colour I have found.

Kamden's eyes are kind of green or hazel depending on the light. It was hard to decide what to put on the passport application.


Anonymous said...

I so love that last picture. See the look of intent in her eyes? Well, Ashley I saw and see that look in your eyes. She is a cookie cutter of you in that picture. Love you all tons and tons!
Hugs Grammy

Chelsea Stone said...

Short note.... WOW your girl is BEAUTIFUL!

Pandora said...

People should read this.