Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Things that make you go MMMmmmm

Christmas time brings so many wonderful traditions and rituals. One of the ones I take great joy in is the Christmas baking. I love spending time fussing with a fancy dish or trying a new recipe, sure to make the mouths of whomever enters my home water. I don't however take such joy in eating it. Although I have a few baking weaknesses that I have to work very hard to control, I can generally take it or leave it. (Potato chips are another story...) Last year while pregnant I chose to take it rather than leave it, which is probably why I gained only a couple of dozen extra pounds and had to work doubly hard to finally lose it all again. This year however I'm working very hard on the leave it portion of things. A treat in moderation is fine, 6 treats in one sitting is another thing.

Corey on the other hand loves my baking and that makes me so happy. Every time I see that handsome husband of mine chowing down on something I've put so much love into makes my heart swell a little. It also makes me brave and want to share said baking with anyone and everyone who will eat it.

The last few days I've been baking my behind off and finally my house not only looks like Christmas but it smells like it too. Gingersnaps are the all time favorite of my family and my Mom's no fail Shortbread recipe is a faithful friend. This year I also dabbled in the biscotti family and have I ever created a fab recipe, if I do say so myself. I'm not a real biscotti fan but these are great and yummy and I'm proud. It's the first time I've altered a few recipes to create something to call my own. I can't send out virtual samples but I can post pictures to share in the yumminess.

I'm also looking for some of your favorite Christmas recipes. I want to become more versatile and have a large selection to chose from Christmas eve when I am hoping to have a house full of company.

What's your favorite Christmas treat to make?

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Chelsea Stone said...

Scott is trying to get out of the house to drive there. He is in love! Him and his dessert! looks amazing.