Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The movie in my head

No this isn't a plea for some professional mental attention (I'll leave that for Brittney...), it's how I "see" the books I read and the audio stories I hear. I've always been a bookworm. Bookworm almost isn't descriptive enough of a word, if I could have glued my novel of the day to my face so that I could still carry on my daily routine I would have. I would take a book with me to class, to the lunch table, to the bathroom (no, George from Seinfield isn't the only one), to bed and anywhere else I might be.

In these books I could lose myself, I became part of a world that didn't pass any judgement on me, that accepted me for who I was and even let me be a part of the story. The characters became real people in my mind and each word felt as if it were a scene from a movie. When there was a tense moment between characters I'd hold my breath, when they laughed I'd laugh (Often out loud which I may inform you can send strange looks your way when you are in the middle of a crowded library), when someone died - because I was hooked on sad books for awhile, I'd cry and when there was a romance scene, I'd blush and sigh. Yes, I was a dreamer, thank heavens Corey's a way better husband than those men were suitors.

I'd become so involved in my books infact that one night at the dinner table, it was my turn to pray. I was right in the middle of a great Nancy Drew novel and Bess was in trouble, low and behold I wound up praying for Bess and her decision. I kid you not. My parents both looked at me as if I were green and my brother roared. I was a little embarassed....I still haven't quite lived that down.

On top of my love of books I've also been given a great speed reading ability. It would take me mere days to finishs novels that took my friends months and hours to finish most of the assigned books for school. This came in very handy when it came time for english, I could read through them a few times and the information would be burned to memory (this skill is gone, I must've pushed it out right along with Bethy).

This all came to mind tonight as I was driving home. I'd gone out to get some Tylenol, vicks, toys and valentine's cards. Our Bethany is teething and it's a really rough time. She's teethed pretty well up until now but that's all changing. Although she's still a trooper, she was whiny and drooly and extremely snotty - blech. Hopefully I'll get more than 3 hours sleep tonight and she'll be feeling better by morning. Anyways I digress.... I was driving along listening to a program that as kids my brother and I were addicted to - Adventures in Odessey. It's a fantastic children's program put out by Focus on the Family that teaches kids bibles stories, morals and friendship. We had many of these tapes and they were always playing in our car, our rooms or our walkmens - yes, I had a walkman and yes, back then it was cool. Mr. Whitaker, Connie, Eugine and the cast became our friends and again each story played as a movie in my mind. I learned some of my greatest lessons from them and remember my bible stories thanks to Whit's analagies.

Tonight's story was talking about being content with yourself and where you are in life and I realized something. These stories are as much for the parents listening to them with their kids as for the kids themselves. I have finally come to a place where I am content where we are in life. I am happy with our home, our daughter and our marriage. And I'm working on being content with myself - working hard. This story was a reminder to keep working on it. It also brought a smile to my face because it felt like seeing old friends again. I've changed and maybe they've aged a little but the feeling's still the same, Whit's End is still open and for half an hour tonight, I was a kid again, in the back seat of my parents van, with my brother beside me, lost in a world we could only imagine was perfect.

Those movies whether in a book or on a tape/cd are better than any you'll find in your local theater.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Bess, hahah oh that was so funny!
Adventures in Odyessy. I must confess, I listen to them any chance I get. They are on the radio on a regular basis. It is great. Yes they are all friends. Your Dad and I grew to love them too and we were thankful for them for some of the conversations they would stir between us as a family. Share them with your kids dear ones, you will learn right along side them.

Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day

Love Mom / Grammy