Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stinkin' Vancouver

I hate Vancouver! I know, I know hate is a strong word...I feel strongly about this statement today. Yes, the great metropolis of Vancouver has it's good features, Science World (you learn stuff, in a round building, and watch cool movies - sweet!), the ocean (you can find that other places too!), Ikea (technically in Coquitlam) and my best bud Cindy lives there (we've been friends since we were 2). They also host awesome events like Monster Trucks and Boat Shows, Corey was at Monster trucks and today we were at the boat show.

This is where the haterid comes from. We left our cozy little home around 10am this morning with my parents tucked away neatly in the backseat with Bethany (read - squished and not complaining). We crossed the bridge without too much hassle and took our exit into the city. This is when my heart rate excelerated and I sunk my feet through the floor boards, traffic! For those of you who haven't visited this city they have small crammed streets, and scary drivers. Corey is a great driver and I trust him with my life and the lives of my family but I don't trust those around us. I may have even uttered the word idiots a few times.... One of the main streets is closed due to major construction for the Olympic (which are forever away and I'm already sooooo over them, have you seen the mascots?). We then attempt to get some lunch. I say attempt because

a) finding a recignizable restaurant around any corner is tough
b) should you find one you want to eat at you have to drive 6 blocks to park, and walk in the inevitable rain. Yuck!

We found an Earl's and half decent parking and so we decided lets eat, only to discover that Earls (a regular kinda Earl's not one of those fancy lookin' ones) in the middle of a large city - DOESN'T HAVE HIGHCHAIRS! I was mad, and grumpy....too bad for them, they lost our business - we ate Wendy's - great just what I wanted, sigh. Anyways, we ate which as it often does improved my attitude and headed for the boat show. Now we need to find parking, again another parking ordeal. As we were searching I noticed a parkade that was a block from the venue and open, Sweet! We drove in and thought we'd struck gold. Walking with a baby in that people traffic and weather isn't nice. Anyways, we park and head to get out ticket. This is where I almost blew a head gasket and may have wet my pants a little - 20 stinkin' bucks to park! That was their flat rate, but we could stay till 1am. This is robbery, we were only at the show 2 hours...ridiculous! Stupid Vancouver, now I see why You didn't get the title of being our province's capital! Victoria is waaaaay nicer...

Anyways, the boat show was great. Corey was so excited to see some old friends from Kelowna and a dear friend from down here. It was so wonderful to see him smile. He also has a very large Christmas list that may mean selling my kidney - those boats are expensive! Bethany was a trooper and chattered at the strangers, randomly sticking her tongue out at them and hollering at any kid who walked by that didn't look at her. My folks had fun and I was mildly entertained. I saw one thing I really liked though - the new 2008 Sea Doo. It's pretty and shiny and I had dreams of being on it with Corey, just like our just like our first date . *Sigh*

We survived, had a good day as a family and all in all it was ok. But I did make a decision. Vancouver sucks and I don't wanna go back. Also, that Olympic countdown clock is a waste of money, buy a 2 year calendar for 15 bucks (cheaper than parking in Vancouver) and a red marker for 2 bucks and cross out each day at a time. I promise, either way, the time will pass the same.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did!


Anonymous said...

It was great to finally get to spend a day with you and your family that didn't entail me being your "boss". No, on days like yesterday I am not the boss. haha It was a fun day and we enjoyed the company in the backseat. It was fun to see the boats and to once again put life in perspective. Not everyone can own a HUGE yacht and isn't that great. If we all could then we would never have things to look at that would marvel us. Indeed these big boats did marvel us. It was as much fun to listen to Corey. MAN is that guy smart!!! He was telling us a bit of this and that and it just proved that his boss is lucky to have him (as am I) The one thing that stood out is the little propellers in the front of some of the big boats to help stearing for parking. amazing!!! How smart is that! (I have a story about trying to park a 12 foot aluminum boat at the dock...not good..I needed the extra propeller) anyways. thanks kids for a great day. Hopefully it won't have to be months and months before we do it again. :) Love you all.
Mom / Grammy

LaskiGal said...

I sometimes miss the city (I live in a rural area--next to cows, mind you) since I used to live in the burbs of Detroit and Chicago. After reading your post, hmmm...not so much. Thanks for reminding me :)

Love the pics of your little girl. ADORABLE!!! Mine was born just over (as in 2 days) six months ago. I am now a baby addict!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I enjoyed visiting yours and hope to see you again!

MommyKnows said...

I don't get to Vancouver often, it's ok,not my favorite city. Traffic's no fun anywhere.

Rain isn't a problem we have here.