Sunday, February 17, 2008

These Magic Moments...

It was sunny today!!!!!! And to make it even better, there was NO SNOW. Woo Hoo!! It was so wonderful to get up this morning to sunshine, after what feels like 300 days of rain (Man, do we have empathy for Noah). Even though the sun was shining it was still a little chilly but, meh, who cares. After church we bundled Bethany up and headed out to Cultis lake, for a walk and some pictures. Because as most of you photographers know, the sunshine is like God's invitation to Snap, Snap, Snap away.

We got some lovely pictures and then headed over to Grammy and Papa's house for a weinie roast. It was a little too cold for that too, but whatevah, warm coats and mitts by the fire and you forget you're chilly.

It was wonderful, days like this, moment's like the ones below are what make me want to do a little jig and sing "These Maaaaagic Moments..."

How was your weekend?

There is something so special about seeing a Daddy walking with his girl.


Sharing a Secret

Watching the fire

Corey's Girls.

What is that?


Angella said...

GREAT photos, Ashley!!

Is the sun not wonderful??


Anonymous said...

Ohhh Ashley,
How wonderful it is that God brought to my son and blessed you with such a beautiful daughter. I am just so filled with love when I see your photos and read your stories, Please keep them coming, it just makes my day. God bless you all, Love you lots John and MOM.

Niki said...

What beautiful pics! Hope you are enjoying a sunny Monday like we are! We are in Hope visiting our Grammy and Papa! :)