Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank you and here we go

Thanks everyone for the lovely remarks, we are to say the least excited! Yes, I did pee on 7 sticks that are far to expensive but I like to be certain of things. That and I knew I was pregnant and the first 4 tests didn't give me the answers I wanted. You see, I have this stubborn streak that causes me to do ridiculous things like pee and pee again until I get the results I want. In my defense the first 6 tests were the two packs from Walmart that really aren't that pricey. The last 2 came in so faint of a line that I had to keep going back to the bathroom and staring at them with my glasses on - without said glasses, no line appeared. That's when, in desperation I swallowed my pride, pulled out my wallet and purchased the digital test. Those things are sweet! It says "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant", even I can figure that out. And ok, so I enjoyed it more than I probably should have but I'd way rather pee on a stick then have to pee on a friend's leg if they got stung by a jellyfish. (That Friends episode where Monica gets stung and Chandler pees....)

We went to the doctor last week for our first non-official (because the girl who booked us in wasn't listening to me and scheduled us the wrong kind of visit) prenatal appointment. When he asked if I had taken a test and we said 7, his response was, after the laughter settled down, was that I didn't need to pee in a cup there then, because 3 couldn't possibly be wrong. And ya know, I was kinda disappointed, I wanted him to confirm what I already knew. Because like I said, I like absolutes. Anyways, he figures we are due around January 31st 2009.

I can't believe we're doing this again! It's so wonderful and exciting, yet in the next breath it's scary and nauseating (literally). The first time was to say the least, rough and I don't want to repeat that. From everything the doctors can tell us, this time should be much less painful and go more smoothly. And from what other mothers are saying, now that I have a toddler to keep me occupied it may go a little faster (or not, but that's what I hear). So we're praying God will protect our little one, help him/her to grow into who God intends for them to be and that He'll lead us through each parenting decision. Because goodness knows having Bethany hasn't given us any claim to expertism, we are sailing on a wing and prayer daily. These days it's more the prayer part with her temper and 'Tude developing at the speed of lightening. Good thing she's generally a good kid and so stinkin' cute.

I know that His plan is ultimately the best one. Whatever this pregnancy may bring the end result, our new little pebble is worth the wait, the work, the tears, the laughter, the endless trips to the bathroom and far more than 7 pregnancy tests. Everyday looking at our Bethany, holding her, playing with her, hearing that laugh, seeing that smile and tucking her in at night is proof of that!


Kami said...

7 tests! That's funny! I have taken my share of tests but if the first is negative I give up :-)

Congratulations again, it's so exciting!

Miss Grace said...

I guess it's too late now, but they sell pregnancy tests at the dollar store. Being as they're FDA regulated you're getting the same magic pee detector as the $12 one from Long's.

For future reference I suppose.

And congratulations!

Sherri said...

Congrats! I haven't told too many people yet but I'm due on or around Jan 19, 09... we're almost at the same stage.. and I peed on about five sticks.. they are so stinkin expensive I agree! Too bad we don't live closer to each other! I think Bethany and Makenna would be great friends!