Monday, July 21, 2008

Spilled Milk

Um, so I've got a question....why is that all of these "Spill Proof", "Leak Proof", "Mess Proof" sippy cups, leave puddles the size of HOOVER DAM on my carpet, couch, car.... I mean we spent a fortune on some of those Nubby Sippy Cups with straws for Bethany because of the guaranteed that they were "Spill Proof" and I looked at them, they were BPA FREE, they have a spout cover and the straw meant that Beth didn't have to tip them way up to take a drink. Perfect, right?

Well, at first they seemed ok, until one day I noticed milk all over the inside of my clean diaper bag. Hmmm, I just assumed I was a sippy cup moron and put it together wrong, but soon discovered that these cups need to be in a ziplock bag closed tight if you required them to travel. Then, I walk out into my living room and step into a huge, sticky, water/juice puddle - great! I was just preparing to give my brilliant daughter a talkin' too (she's figured out how to take the lid of some of the cups she's had, they are gone now), when I noticed this Nubby thing sitting upright, nicely on my floor, with juice spewing out the top in a fashion something resembling - Mount St. Helen's on a bad day! All we were missing was the ash, because I'm pretty sure there was smoke pouring from my ears by that point.

After months of trying very hard to figure out what I was doing wrong with these cups and also invensting in every other straw sippy cup on the market I could find I came to a conclusion. Cup makers suck and I'm really not the one with the intelligence problem. My temper got the best of me last week when I had a particularily bad milk spill in my living room and I threw out all that Nubby straw nonsense and headed out to purchase new cups.

Now, most of you would have used the common sense that God's given you and not purchased anything from these guys again. I however, like the promise of BPA Free and I'm a sucker for cool packaging and when I saw another cup made by these dudes, I thought well it's "Spill Proof", it's got a valve, and a'll work. Bethany loved the cup and I thought I'd won. I was smart this time and only bought one, ding point for me! I quickly found out that, no I didn't win, it still LEAKS! AHHHHH, at least it was water this time, all over my batteries and CD's in my car. Hmmmm, who thinks those batteries should go in my digital camera (not me in case you were wondering)?

I did also invest in 3 Playtex stage 3 sippy cups, with valves and so far aside from a little splatter from whatever fluid is trapped between the spout and the valve, we are doing good. I think....there was milk all over the cooler yesterday but I'm pretty sure this time I didn't actually put the lid on all the way.

So, here's the plea for help from all of you Mommy's, Daddy's, Big Sisters, Big Brother's and sippy cup makers with a quality (notice the q for quality not c for crappy) product to please tell me if you've found a winner. Now I don't want one that kinda doesn't leak, that would take home second prize, I need the blue prize winner. A non-leaking, non-glass (I did see a glass sippy cup and had visions of stiches and bandages and that was only for mommy getting it outta the box), fully functioning sippy cup.

What do you use? Did you have the same problem? If you did who wants to ban together and protest? I'm pretty good at signs, we could make signs and picket...I don't know where yet but we could. That'd help right?

ps. To all the grandparents, aunties and uncles and Bethany lovers out there waiting for more photos of her they are coming. I'm still in the process of getting the watermarking issue solved. Please be patient!


Anonymous said...

I've seen some great stainless steel cups with pop up straws in London Drugs, I got one for my cousin, she loves it.

Melissa said...

I've been trying many brands of sippy cups too lately! Our tried and true is the good old Rubbermaid juice box kind with the straw (Noah has issues tilting his head back too). So far no leaks and it can withstand drops and throws from a highchair. (He only takes water in them so I can't speak on their milk/juice retention ability). Hope this helps!

Kami said...

Oh I had the same problem with leak proof cups, though they didn't have those ones you refer to "way back when".

We used Playtex sippy cups, probably like the ones you now have but they will still leak if left tipped over on carpet. And we like the Rubbermaid juice boxes but milk one warm will spew like Volcano you mentioned so we used those when they were older without the straws.

The only thing that I found effective was to make a rule that cups have to stay in the kitchen.

Kristina said...

Sorry I don't have kids :)
I do know people who do have them, and they to struggle with the same problem as you.

I hope you find answers!!!

Jen said...

yeah, sippy cups leak. End of story.

On the other hand, I'm with anonymous. Abby has a stainless steel cup with an easy to use lid and pop up straw from London Drugs. It's Thermos brand, Foogo. It's pink & stainless steel, keeps her drinks cool forever and is obviously free of BPA. They are expensive but it's the only cup like that we own for Abby. She loves it and pretty much insists on bringing it everywhere.

Good luck with your search for something great.