Friday, March 20, 2009

From the Mouthes of Babes

I remember the days when Bethany was tiny like Audrey and Corey would say he couldn't wait for the days when she'd be talking. Little did we know that when she started talking it wouldn't stop. Daily she's learning not only new words but the meaning and application of those words. She's my shopping buddy and my pal. There is a constant chatter in my car that most days negates the need for my radio. When she's finally asleep or I'm out by myself (read: buying groceries, sitting at the laundromat that's freezing cold for 2 hours because Audrey barfed on my comforter, or you know getting diapers) I relish in the silence for about 5 minutes and then I miss my girl.

You see I'm a little bit of a talker myself and having the company gives me an excuse to flap these ol' gums. What I wasn't warned about was how cute the things she'd say would be. On a daily basis we are in stitches over one thing or another:

Mommy: "Bethany, you are so Melodramatic"
(Whenever she's playing toys, someone is sad and she is pretend crying looking for comfort.)

Bethany:"Mommy, I a BIG GIRL! I NOT Manic!!"
Bethany: "Um, Hi God. Thank you my sisser. Thank you make my heart happy. AAAAAMen"

Mommy: "Bethany, what does Grandma Say?"
Bethany: "Oh Gosh!" (she did this all herself we didn't prompt it)
Mommy: "Bethany, what does Grammy Say?"
Bethany: "I love you too Grammy"
Mommy: "What does Papa say?"
Bethany: "SAY PAPA!!!!"
Since Beth was 2 days old my Dad has been saying, "Say Papa" to her. It was his feeble attempt at getting her to say Papa before Mommy. It didn't work but his heart over flowed when she said it the first time. It's since become a joke in our house because again, every time he looks at Audrey we hear, "Say Papa!"

Bethany: "Papa! Have Shower! You Tinky"

Bethany: "Um Hi God....God! No say "What", say Pardon Me! Thanks God

You get the drift. We are constantly laughing at the sweet and hilarious things this little girl says. If only my eyes and ear were a camera. I know that it won't be long and these memories will fade, and I'm just not willing to let them go.

What I wonder is what will life be like when I have to talking girls? Will Audrey talk as much as Beth or will she be a mute due to Bethany's inability to come up for air? I can't wait!


Kami said...

Adorable, she has spunk that one! Love it!

Anonymous said...

You really have a way with words and putting them in the just right order for laughter and tears. I so love the way you write your blog. The pics are so priceless also. Your stories warm my heart so that I feel like I am right there with you enjoying the growing times with those two beautiful girls. God bless you all. Love you so much, Mom Kimmie

Anonymous said...

Haha I cannot wait to be sitting around together with all three girls blabbing away! It's around the corner..My Nieces are precious and I sure can't wait to give them big big hugs and Kisses!
Love you all

Melissa said...

What beautiful little girls you have!

roztime said...

that was so sweet! you make motherhood sound wonderful :)