Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can you believe - 200!

Today is my 200th post! Can you believe it, 200 times I've blathered on about this or that. 200 times some of you have commented (but just so you know not enough of you, I know you're here, so why not stroke my ego, boost my confidence and make my day by leaving a comment!), 200 times I've sat at my keyboard pondering what to write, reading and re-reading, spell checking and sometimes deleting. It's 200 times I've thoroughly and completly enjoyed! Writing is in my blood, it soothes my soul and makes me feel "my voice" is being heard.

Anyways, today, in honor of 200 posts I have something very important to talk about. Actually it's not really something it's a someone....

As many of you know I have a brother, a younger brother. He's a great guy who grew into a great man and is someone I love and respect very much. Someone my children think is awesome and ask on a regular basis to see. He is also someone who has, for as long as I can remember liked his privacy and has asked that I keep him from this blog. With an exaggerated eye roll I said, "Ok, fine I guess so." Then I pouted for 5 minutes which was completly lost on him and I had to give up. Sigh

Aside from the fact that my bro is a blog party pooper he is also lacking one really major trait - he's not a girl! I always wanted a sister. I mean it was cool and stuff having a brother but he quickly out grew the idea of playing barbies with me, he'd rather be in the mud. He did play dress up with us girls (poor kid was always the "husband" to my good friend and we made him wear these funny purple and pink coats hahaha) but he didn't like to shop or paint his nails or do his make up. We had a lot in common but especially in my teenage years I yearned for a sister. Whether older or younger (preferably younger because well...I'm bossy) I just wanted someone who'd listen to my crap, tell me when my butt looks fat in those pants (or all of them) and who'd inhabit a different part of my soul, a part that had been empty up until a few years ago.

Enter Chelsea

ps. I totally stole this from Facebook!

Chelsea is my sister. Not my sister-in-law, that just implies boundries, we have none. (Well, except the boundry that we dont' get naked in front of each other, I don't wanna see hers and she certainly don't wanna see mine!) And although we really look nothing alike, don't share a mother or a father and grew up in different places you'd swear somewhere in there we share some blood. I guess if you want to be cheesy about it we are "Soul Sistas".

I can remember the day I met Chelsea. We were out for dinner with Corey's brother Scott on the night we decided to tell him I was pregnant with Bethany. He'd brought a friend of his (Corey's ex but let's not even go there *wink*) Helen and she'd brought her friend Chelsea. It was no secret Chels had a crush on Scott and after divulging in our surpise which turned out to be a bit of a bomb shell to someone other than Scott, we headed home. Anyways, on the drive home I commented to Corey on how sweet Chelsea seemed and on the fact that I figured she had a thing for Scott. Not long after they were dating and then in love and then engaged and then married. In all that time I was sick in the hosptial, pregnant and grumpy and then a new and shall I say highly emotional mother. And yet still, somehow we managed to become friends and to connect.

A connection in fact that I have only ever shared with one other individual. Both are their own bonds but still hold the same, forever and ever-through thick and thin-fight fire-laugh and cry at boys-don't care if you pee in your underwear (ok so maybe that's only Cindy) kind of way. Chelsea and I managed to chat our way through hours of time, making the servers at EastSide Marios think that we were planning on staying for supper as well as lunch. We've shopped (although not enough) together, learned what it was to be wives, to be sisters to each other, to be pregos and then mothers, daughters-in-law and adults, or so we tell ourselves we are.

We also some how manage to have the same stupid, crazy sense of humour. It causes great fits of laughter to extend far longer than is necessary, in a room full of poor unsuspecting and rather clueless members of our family, while trying to get a grip but finding every subesquent topic more hilarous than then last resulting in aching bellies and tears pouring down my face. It's wonderful!

Chelsea has listened to me complain, seen me cry, put up with those unpleasant prego moods, cuddled my children, loved my husband, let us into her family and become part of mine. She's a wonderful wife, a super momma, with sincerity one of the kindest souls you'll meet, she's always willing to help, ready to listen and easy to smile. Her laughter can be heard a mile away and can brighten just about anyones day.

She's the sister I imagined my brother to be (if of course he didn't posses that boy gene). Actually that's not true, she's the sister I always wanted along side my brother. I hope she knows how special she is, not only to me but to the rest of my family, my husband and my children. And I hope she knows that I appreciate her with everything I'm worth, I miss her very much (she refuses to move to Chilliwack - doesn't like cow poo, go figure) and I'm proud to say she's my sister. Chelsea, we love you very much, I'm so glad you picked Scott and he was smart enough to snatch you up.

Together we can be crazy, laughing girls who truly are Stone-d!


Anonymous said...

I Have NEVER cryed and laughed at the same time before! Thank you Ashley you are an amazing Sister and I am VERY proud to be your "Soul Sista". In the past few weeks I have wished soooo badly that you would move your ENTIRE family here and be with us. I need you closer, but we are actually not that far and will have to make this work for awhile because you are so right when you say I do not like cow poo.
Your blog explains how I feel about you in a nut shell! When yu had Bethany it was hard for me because we had not known eachother all that long but i felt like her Auntie. The type that wasnt just married into the family, the type that was blood. That there was nothing in this world that I would not do for her. Now that i have been around for awhile and created a stronger bond with you and your husband I know that I am allowed to feel that way and not only do I just have that feeling for Beth but now Beautiful Audrey i look at your two children and I want to spoil them and have them to visit for sleep over and spend tons of time with them until they are to cool to hang with there Auntie. I have that feeling because of you. They are a part of you and I would do anything for them, just as I would for you! I Thank you so much for being there for me this week. It has been a tough one emotionally and you are my rock!(Never forget you can tell me to stop whinning to you! Thats all I feel like I do.)
Anyway, Thank you for the Honor of your 200th Blog I was very surprised.
I love you and your Family so very much and I can't wait to see you tomorrow!
Love you

Anonymous said...

So if she is yer sister does that mean I get to have her as my adopted "daughta" lol. Hug to all the girls :)

Love Mom, Grammy and Ma

Karie said...

Dearest Ashley....

I have read most of your blogs... I so wanted to comment on them but for some reason I felt like they were inner musings that we were fortunate enough to read. I felt like I was violating your privacy by reading them...

Your blogs are phenomenal... beyond words ... I feel the love of God flow though every word ', I am in awe that His great love bestows wonderful things upon us who have sinned 'n fallen short of the His glory. On a personal note... I have known Corey 'n Scott back when they were merely a glint in their father's eye. I met the Stone family when I was only 15 years old. Although I wasn't afforded the right of passage into the Stone family by marriage... I have had the honour the privilege of loving them all 'n being able to be in their lives.'N being loved 'n accepted right back by them all is truly a blessing.

To watch Corey 'n Scott come in to their own... to watch them as married men 'n father's is truly a joy.
I only wish that their beloved Grandma Vivian Stone aka Apple Annie was here to share in this... She would be so very very proud of her grandsons, their wives 'n their children...

Ashley I think God has chosen to use you through your words. The lives that you touch with every stroke of the keyboard is truly God-given...

I just praise God 'n thank Him for all of you...