Saturday, July 11, 2009


Around this house, summer is our busiest season. Not only is it busy in the it's nice outside, gotta do all 3 million things we can't do when it's snowing/raining kinda way but also in the Corey's got work coming out the wazoo way. Being that he works in the boat industry this is the season he's the busiest. People need their boats summarized (the opposite of winterized, not a written summary of what they have), oil changes, more toys added, holes fixed. This brilliant dude went barrelling down the river, smoked a rock and ripped a huge hole in the bottom of his boat and had to stuff his wetsuit in it to stop himself from sinking. This, is why I do not drive a boat!

Anyways, if you also throw into the mix we've had company galore (whoot! I love company), our days and nights have been jam packed full. But full or not this past weekend we managed to sneak away to our home, well the home of our hearts - Kelowna. Our time was spent desperately trying to see everyone who still lives there (sorry to all we missed or bailed on!), as well as maybe trying to sneak into some of my favorite stores for a little kid shopping.

It was great - busy and crazy as well as stupid hot but great! I always have this huge excitement as we pack to go and this huge sadness as we load up to come home. We love Chilliwack, being close to family, having work that means that I don't have to put our children in daycare and good work for Corey. We know that God is calling us to be here for the time being and probably for a long time yet but I left the Valley for Kelowna 6 years ago. I love it there, Corey's a true Okanagian (or whatever their called) and my kids too will grow to love it I'm sure. As it was Beth was THRILLED with the lake, as am I. There is something truly magical about Okanagan lake, something that makes that part of our country Paradise. This was the first road trip that we've taken as a family of 4 and the first time that Bethany has payed attention to the scenery around us and where we are going. It made for an interesting drive.
And it wasn't just K-town we were excited about either. We also got to spend more time with Scott, Chels and Baby Chloe. Who is not so much a baby these days. Pretty soon she's going to be chasing after Bethany and getting into trouble with Audrey. Everytime I think of it I hear that Amy Grant song, ♪"Oh how the year's go by, oh how the love brings tears to my eyes, all through the changes the soul never dies, we fight, we laugh, we cry, as the years go by"♪ Cheesy I know but it's just what happens. Quite often there are "theme songs" for things playing in my head....maybe I shouldn't admit that?

As always we had a wonderful time and I for the most part forgot my camera to document it. These are what there are for photos and also video of Uncle Scott that speaks for it's self.

You Can't Touch This from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

*sigh* Kelowna and Fam, we miss you already!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha ur sooo funny scott the uncles wish they were there to play in the park unlike the big guys lol. maybe u should come out to the great north area to really play with grandma and grandpa we miss u guys one day u will make it up this way

love u lots grandma and the uncles

Anonymous said...

That video is hilarious! Scott you looked like you were having way too good of a time!!! hahaha. Way to go man. You and Corey make great Dads because you guys haven't forgotten what it is to have fun. Your little ones will benifit big time from that. Ashley, you my dear girl are taking awesome pictures. Your photo skills have increased a ton over the past few years.
Glad you guys had a great time. It is obvious by the smiles that everyone was enjoying the time.
Love and Hugs
Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Scott is still laughing that you put hat video on! I am sad that I missed that part of the trip! But i am so glad that Scott was able to have lots of time with you guys! Love you guys and can't wait to see you again very soon!