Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You're on Bay-cation! No one will ever seee you again!

"You're on Bay-cation! No One Will ever seeeeeee you again!"

It was a phrase my Mom and I heard over, and over and oooover, while in Mexico back in 2001. The employees at the Copacabana made sure that everyone had a great time on their Vacation, which included but was not limited to - getting them tanked, asking them to do unbelievably crazy things (hand over your bra for a biggest boobs contest - of which I did NOT qualify for) and reassuring them that "You're on Baycation! No one will ever see you again!" You could also play "Vingo" to win tequila there, in fact you could do almost anything and get tequila. Even if you were 13 - they weren't really sticklers for the whole ID thing.

Making bead necklaces with Auntie K.

Anyways, it was a wonderful trip, one that was a long time ago but has been the only major solo trip my Mom and I took. It left us with many wonderful memories and a few catch phrases. The above mentioned phrase is amongst our favorites and gets brought out on occasion.

Relaxing makes me tired too!

This past weekend was one of those occasions. For the first time in much longer than I'd care to calculate my family (Mom, Dad and Brother) went on a family vacation together, it was way overdue and way enjoyed! It was also 3 million times better because this time, not only was it the four of us, it was also my four of us and my brother's wonderful girlfriend Kristan.

The view from our patio.

We escaped to Sooke a little town just adjacent to Victoria. My Mom spent a portion of her growing up years there and loved it. After this trip, we can all understand why.

The view from the back of the boat and Dad setting up the crab traps.

We had a fantastic time relaxing, exploring Victoria and some of us (my Dad, Bro, Corey and Kristan) went out ocean fishing. Grammy, Bethany, Audrey and I hung out, visited and just enjoyed being away from the phone, house work and other things that life puts into our daily pathes. We even managed to co-erce my darling Bethany into a carriage ride.

The big one that got caught! We did however also hear about "the one that got away".

The only damper on our visit was cooler than expected weather and a foot infection for our poor Bethany. She stepped on what we can only assume was a bee last Sunday while out playing with her cousins and her poor little foot swoll up and she wailed. But some "magic" bee remedy from my Mom, a Hello kitty bandaid and a snuggle fixed 'er right up and off she went. The foot stayed swollen for a day or two and then seemed to settle down. I noticed it getting red on the Friday we arrived on the island but by Saturday after a restless night the poor kidlet it was a mess. I decided that I didn't want to wait for the doctor appointment I'd previously scheduled for this Wednesday (we have to wait THREE WEEKS to get in to see our GP and we're "lucky" to have one - ridiculous!!!) and we headed off to a clinic. It was decided that some how her little toe was infected and the infection was spreading up her foot. The doctor's order was antibiotics and that we keep her off her foot for a day or two.

Um, what?! In case you didn't notice she's 2! I can hardly get her to sit still to pee, oh how I wish that were an exageration.

It took some creativity, new movies and maybe a few bribes but we managed to follow the doctor's orders and she was feeling a little better by Sunday.

Bethany, staying off her foot watching Madeline. Below I was begging her for a good photo, to "Look at me!" this was the best she could muster.

It was so amazing to be together with all of my family, to be adult enough to enjoy my brother's company instead of picking on him (ok, so maybe there was a little picking involved...), to see my girls adore their Auntie Kristan and Uncle D, and of course Grammy and Papa, to see Corey finally relax (something he well deserves considering a certain someone in my opinion these days, has been treating him less than kindly and is a steaming pile of POO!) and to enjoy being with my parents away from the office, where work was forgotten and family was remembered.

These seals live in the harbour and chow on the guts that the fishermen feed them from the catches below.

Thanks for an amazing holiday Mom, Dad, Uncle D, Auntie Kristan and Fam! It was thoroughly enjoyed and next year is already greatly anticipated.

I love these two photos, a true expression of the absolue joy, love and happiness we all felt this past weekend.


Kristina said...

My thoughts exactly, how do you keep a 2 year old off their feet! Good for you for doing that though.
Glad that most of the vacation went well. Looks like fun was had :)

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like an amazing weekend! So jealous! Glad bethy is feeling better and AJ is getting so big. Give them both kisses for me! Love you all xoxo