Friday, September 25, 2009


For as long as I can remember (and for today that's a pretty long time back!) my Mom has been a canning machine! Not that she looks like a canner or a pressure cooker but rather she's as amazing as a machine when it comes to the amount of things she manages to can, preserve and smoosh in a season.
As the years have gone by my brother and I have gone from watching her work, to helping carry jars, wash pickles and eat 2/3 of the peaches she's trying to jar to helping in full fledged force. Complete with peach smear faces aprons and tomato colored hands. This year due to the fact that our summer was stupid crazy we only managed to can peaches and tomatos. 90lbs of peaches and 200lbs of tomatoes to be exact.
And while I totally forgot to bring my camera for the peaches (which really isn't so bad because I spent more time shoveling peaches into my mouth than I did working. And that - does not need to be captured on film/card) But I did remember to toss it in to my overflowing neatly packed diaper bag.
Take a look, and feel free to drool if you will. The salsa, spaghetti sauce and diced tomatos that we did taste even better than they look. And that my friends, is pretty hard to do.

We managed to do diced tomatoes all in one day and then salsa and spaghetti sauce the next. I spent the majority of day 2 chopping - onions and peppers and celery - oh my!

Mom's stove hardly had a break in two whole days!


This is only about 1/2 of what we actually canned.


Anonymous said...

HOLY MOLY, that is alot of canning! I can't imagine doing that amount. My Mom was never much of a canner. (you know what I mean) I tried to do as much as would feed my family for the winter, but never really took the time to do alot. I do love the benefits of canning though. I always enjoyed getting canned goods for Christmas from my Mother-in-law. I so do admire all the hard work you and your Mom have put into all that canning and am sure you will surly reap the benefits of it. Great work! God bless you both, Love Mom Kimmie

Why am I here??? said...

WOW now that's a lot of salsa!!!