Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In the Butt

Corey coming home is the highlight of our day.  Especially for the girls, they both light up when he walks into a room, it makes my heart sigh each and every day.  Ever since Bethany was little I made a huge deal out of "Daddy's Home" we'd run to the door, give hugs and kisses and she'd haul his lunch kit to the kitchen.

As time's worn on that tradition has remained, but now it's Audrey I haul to the door usually on the heals of Bethany who's running full tilt for her Daddy.  She watches out the living room window once I know he's on his way and when he drives in the driveway she make a beeline for her room to peer out her window to see her Dad.  Then once he's gone into the back door she goes and waits, anxiously for his arrival.  Taking his skull cap off and giving him a hug she'll say the same thing, "How was your work a-day Dad?"

*Sigh* She's such a sweetheart.

The other day though the scenerio played out a little different and left me in stiches.  It went something like this:

Bethany: "Daddy's Home! Daddy's Home!"
Me: "Well go see him then!
Beth takes off for the back door shouting
Bethany:"Daddy! Daddy! DADDY!!!!"
Bethany:"Daddy, where you are?"
Bethany:"Daddy? Argh (or how ever you spell the sound she made)
Silence follows for a few moments and then as I'm making supper I hear her wandering around muttering:
Bethany: "Daddy in the butt.  Daddy, in the butt!"
Me(fighting laughter):"Bethany, what did you say?"
Bethany: *Exasperated sigh* "Daddy in the butt!"
Me: "What do you mean?  What did you say?"
Bethany: "Daddy not come in yet!  Daddy in the butt!  He's really IN THE BUTT!"
And then it hits me
Me:" Do you mean he's a PAIN in the butt?"
Bethany: "Yay, Daddy in the butt!  He not come into me yet? Where did he go?"

At this point I was unable to answer her because I was laying on the counter laughing.  Corey was taking his sweet time coming in, and she had to have heard that from me somewhere but to hear it put like that was so classically a kid and so absolutely what I needed.  It may have also been yet another reminder to watch what I say.  Not just what I say in front of her but what I say in general, if I don't want her saying it (no matter what the context) I probably shouldn't say it either.  Lesson heard, but probably not totally learned.

He finally came in and they had their routine and then I proceeded to tell him, with tears of laughter in my eyes that I was glad he was home from "The Butt"


Anonymous said...

hahahah oh my gawsh I would have loved to have heard that one! hahahah
Hugs and love
Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

hounestly, you are the most amazing writer ever. I was in stitches reading this one. It just puts so much joy in my heart to hear what fun you have with your family. I just love you guys so much. God bless, Mom Kimmie

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

OH wow, that's funny. She probably had no idea why you were killing yourself laughing!

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, this is short notice, but I figure I might get you easier with a blog comment - my mom and I are coming down to the coast this afternoon (Thursday) if you are available this weekend for a coffee, could you send me over an email this afternoon? Just a short one, and then I can give you a call on the road. Hope you're doing well! I loved this post - cracked me up :)