Friday, November 20, 2009


When Bethany was born I was thrilled, to say the least.  Not only to have my sweet baby here (finally!) but also to have a precious little girl.  Looking at her tiny newborn face visions of ballet and barbies, frilly dresses and cute jean bums, pink, purple and pastels floated through my head.  I could wait to paint her nails or brush her hair, read her a story or watch her cuddle a baby. 

And while many of those things have come to fruition, one has taken a really long time.  Her hair.  While other friends little ones had loads of hair long before their first birthday, my little girl was in essence bald.  She had very little hair, that after her first birthday slowly began to grow into a mullet and I milked the odd pig tail out of it, in sheer desperation.

As her 2nd birthday approached I thought she had a full head of hair and enjoyed even more playing with it.  It was still mullety and was is desperate need of a trim, but I held out until the March following her 2nd birthday because I was terrified to part with even one strand of her beautiful, auburn hair.

It's been 6 months since the last hair cut (she's had 2) and her hair is finally filling out.  It's beautiful and soft in ways that my hair no longer is (thanks to the birthing of two children), it's the gorgeous shade of auburn that's so breath taking in the sunlight that people actually stop to comment.  But the best part is, yesterday I was able to do this with her hair...

After all this time, I finally got to braid it.  BRAID IT!  Wahoo!  I love how braided hair looks, on just about everyone but especially on little girls.  I've spent years wearing my own long hair braided and couldn't wait to do the same for our girls.  While we are a long way from the single french braid hanging down her back, the piggy braids will sooth and satify my soul for now. 

How could it not, she shear sweetness of this little girl leaves me practically speachless.  And the fun I've had with doing her hair (because she's so good while I do it!) has made me all the more anxious for when Audrey's hair, which is much fuller than her sisters was at that age, grows in.

All I can say is, Yay for little girls!


Anonymous said...

awe! I love it!

My mom used to always braid Kayce and my hair too - we loved it.

From Cindy

Why am I here??? said...

awwww so adorable. Your girls are so precious ;)

Anonymous said...

Bethany your hair is gorgeous!!! Mommy you sure did a great job of braiding it. I still love doing that to you!!!
Love yas
Mom / Grammy

The Smith's said...

I love little braided pig tails! Little girls with pig tails are just the cutest! Love all of the pictures! I used to love having my mom braid pig tails into my hair. Oh the days of long hair.