Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas GIVEAWAY #1 of 4! Little Eva Charlotte

*Update: This contest is now closed!*

And the winner is (chosen by using

#3 - Jen said...
I think "soft as a cloud" is really cute!

E-mail me Jen ashleystone7(at)hotmail(dot)com
I will pass on your contact info to Melissa and you can choose your Free Item!!

I can't believe tomorrow is December. Can you believe tomorrow is December? Maybe you can. Maybe where you live there is snow and it feels more like December and less like October. But here in the Rainy Fraser Valley, it just plain feels like a very cold Fall. I hear that snow is coming, but I heard it from the unreliable source that is the weatherman, so... we'll see.

Anyways, in honor of December and it's pending giving season (which I have so very much to say at later date!) I have decided to host a GIVEAWAY A WEEK until CHRISTMAS!

Lemme here ya say HO! and Hey!

Ok, so I totally know that it should be HoHo HO! but seriously, how exciting is that?

And just in case you were wondering what a giveaway is (because you've lived in Fraggle Rock for the past decade and haven't had the privilege of being part of another Bloggy Giveaway), I will clarify. A blog giveaway is a contest to win something for FREE!!! That's free, no purchase necessary, absolutely free.

"Sign me up!" you shout!

"How do I enter?" you plead!

It's easy, it's simple and it's awesome. But first, let's talk about what you can win.

Our first GIVEAWAY is fantacutlar (like my new word?)! A good friend of mine has opened up her very own Etsy shop (a place to buy and sell handmade things. Little shops and businesses created by home crafters and collectors.) She's a talented seamstress, a Mommy of two (Noah is a few months younger than Bethany and Eva is only a few days younger than Audrey). and a Pastor's wife. Those are things she does, who she is, is Melissa a good friend and a really great lady to know! She and her friend have launched their site and you MUST go over and check it out!

There are tons of great products over there for kids and mommies a like. I'm not going to tell you too much about what's over there, you need to go, check it out for yourself. But what I am going to do is tell you about my favorite thing!

Stroller Seat liners! We purchased a Phil and Teds double stroller a few months back (best thing EVER) and love it! Actually, we purchased it on the recommendation of Melissa and her family, because they had purchased one and it was wicked awesome! Anyways, I love it but it has one flaw. When your children fall asleep and pee their pants and it leaks through to the bottom and all over your stuff have an accident it's very difficult to clean, because the cover doesn't come off. We have had soapy rags out there and have resorted to putting receiving blankets under the girls to preserve our very precious stroller. These liners are great for all kinds of strollers as you'll see in the photos over at the shop. I am even contemplating trying mine in our carseats for long driving trips.

Until now, that is. With these new seat liners we can put them in, plunk the girls on top and go without a care. Somebody pees? We throw it in the washer. Somebody spits up? Washer again. Somebody dumps smarties and doesn't mention it to Mommy and sits on them for the duration of 2 hours? Any guesses? That's right, we can throw the liner in the wash, stroller looks good and everything is clean! Yay! I'm super excited to buy our liners.

"Great!" You're thinking. "I've already checked it out, I think it's snazzy, but what about the GIVEAWAY?" You ask. "How do I get something for FREE?! And What can I win?"

Melissa is donating the prize (everybody say "Thank You!"), if you win the GIVEAWAY you will be able to go over to Little Eva Charlotte and chose one item (Whichever your heart desires) for FREE!

THE PRIZE: Any 1 Item of your choice from Little Eva Charlotte!

Ready to enter?

It's easy. All you have to do is this:

1. Go over to Little Eva Charlotte. Look at all the products, then come back here and comment, telling me what your favorite one is! (Entry 1)

2. Not enough? Want more chances to win? Blog about it, link back to this blog. And then comment leaving me a link (Entry 2)

3. Want more still? Go over to Facebook and become a fan of Little Eva Charlotte on Facebook, and then come back and comment on it! (Entry 3)

Pretty simple. Now while you are doing all those things and checking out the shop more than once, drooling over the fabulous items notice what it says in their introduction.

**We are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all our products for a limited time, so please take advantage of this shop opening promotion!**

Take advantage of the free coming at your from every which way and place an order right away!

This contest closes December 6 2009 at 12:00am The winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday December 7 2009 on this blog!

So don't wait, look, comment, blog, Facebook, WIN

A special thanks to Melissa and Little Eva Charlotte for donating this awesome prize!

Disclosure: This blog and writer are not receiving any financial compensation for the above noted contest. All prizes have been donated by the craft creator and reviews written from personal opinion and experience.


Janice Vandyk said...

COOL SITE!! i loved all the little hats... but my fav is "little boy blue" so cute!!

Janice Vandyk said...

ok i joined facebook too... hopefully i did this right for 2 entries. thanks again for the fun contest...

"little boy blue"

Jen said...

I think "soft as a cloud" is really cute!

Niki said...

Retro Pink is my fave! What a cool idea that I wish I'd thought of sooner! I'd loved to have one of these in my stroller the past! Would have made life much easier!

I'll blog about this in my next post, which will hopefully be tomorrow. :)

Angella said...

I like the frilly hat (Of course).