Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm a quirky kind of gal.  Which is a nice way to say, I'm a little weird.  In fact I think somewhere deep down we are all, just a little bit weird.  It's what makes us "special".  You know the kind of special I mean,  when you've got off the bus from school and cry into your mother's shoulder that the kids on the bus made fun of the fact that when you get nervous  you stick your hands in your armpits and smell them, and she brushes the hair off your face and says, "Oh sweetheart, they're just jealous, that makes you special* I don't do that, I'm just saying...

I'm just saying, that some of ya'll have been around these parts and don't know much about me.  I spend hours writing about my girls, because well they are super fantastico and about Corey because hotness needs to be acknowledged.  But me, well unless I'm complaining about being pregnant or sharing my pet peeves, I don't say much about me. 

Since I'm out of things to write about today I figured, hey, let's pull out a list and share 5 weird facts. 

5. I love McDonald's Big Extra burgers.  I love every bit and I eat them in a circle around the center where I save a little tomato, pickle, burger, cheese and sauce for the very last bite.  I only allow myself to have them as a treat because they are the cause of a 60lb weight gain in pregnancy #1 and without moderation I would now weigh 300lbs.  And while I generally won't admit this, if I could eat them everyday without consequence, either in weight or health I would, they are that fantastic.

4. I can't stand the feel of whipped cotton.  What's that you ask?  It's the cotton used in many baby products, blankets, stuffies, etc, it's super soft, and snags on your fingers if your skin is try.  Just the feeling makes me cringe and want to grind my teeth.  Some of the things the girls were given made of this stuff never made it out of the box, I just couldn't do it.

3.  I love the smell of lemon pledge and Pam cooking spray.  I'd wear them as perfume if that wasn't completly strange and maybe a little gross.

2.  I have never had one sip of alcohol.  Not ever.  It started out because I have a grandparent who was an alcoholic and I was afraid that I'd like it too much.  I'm an all or nothing kind of girl and I was worried that I'd be all for it and wind up in trouble.  I was and still am sometimes, very shy and I was worried that I would find alcohol would relax me in a group setting and then I would need it everytime I was out.  I told myself I'd have some after I learned to be comfortable in my own skin.  And while I've managed to deal with me in own skin I decided that I don't want to try it now.  Add to that I'm unbelievably stubborn and you've got a girl who's never had a sip and who never has any intention too.  I don't care if others around me drink as long as they are responsible about it, I just don't.

1.  My heart is located on the right side of my body.  It's called dextrocardia.  It's a birth thing,(duh, I guess) that is extremely rare, and many people born with it have other organs switched around.  Their lives are difficult, full of medical problems due to their organs being in the wrong places.  I am fortunate beyond measure  because all of my other organs are healthy and in their correct positions.  I am one of the very rare in that department, God has been very good to me. 

So, that's it about me.  What about you?  Tell me something about you that makes you unique, special or just plain weird.

*From the movie Superstar, with Molly Shannon.  It's stupid, but funny*


Anonymous said...

I LOVE any hot drink that has caffeine, but coffee is probably my all time favourite. I remember being on a trip and I had had 6 coffees that morning, and was in need of another - I couldn't get out of the van I was so devoid of energy (from the highs and lows of the caffeine) haha oh dear!

Anonymous said...

You ARE special :) I know I am your Mom. :)

I might not say much about me cuz well might wierd everyone out lol.
What I will say is things about you...
1. You have always been a compassionate person right from a wee little girl
2. You can read a book faster than Lighting McQueen can drive Route 66

3. You are anal about grammar and well you "is" teachin yer Mom to be better at it. :)
4. You are a wonderful Mom and Wife
5. You HATE gardening but love flowers
6. Your smile from the heart can make the world a much better place to be.

Oh one thing about me that isn't wierd....
I am the mother, mother in law, adoptee mom, wife, grandmother of the most amazing people... I get to call the Family.

Love you dear. Ummm want me to list some funnies from your childhood? tee hee..ok ok

Love Mom / Grammy