Monday, March 15, 2010

'Tude Attack

It seems the turning of 1 year old, has brought on many changes for our Audrey.  She's not only crawling at lightning speeds, with an adorable bum twitch while she does it, she's also pulling herself up to any and everything she can, attempting to climb on the couch, the chairs and anything her sister can stand on.  She's signing now, which is something we've done with both the girls and something I am ever grateful for!  It's so nice to know that a whine actually means she's thirsty, or done or hungry rather than having to guess.  The changes are coming fast and furious.  And even though we've been through this once before, and knew what to expect it's still surprising.

What I didn't expect at all, was the arrival of The 'Tude.  Like every kid our girls have moods, emotions and attitudes.  And as Bethany grew up those moods and attitudes, melded into Little Ms. Mini 'Tude.  It was remenicent for my Mom of the good ol' days when I too was sportin' a 'Tude.  ( I still have sportin' a 'Tude days, but now I'm the mommy and nobody puts me in time out - whoohoo!)  She was a little older than Audrey when the major part of her tantrum 'tudes began, and they seemed to last for about a year.  Sometimes it felt like it was one long tantrum, other times not so much.

Looking at that pattern I figured I had a few more months of grace before Audrey discovered her 'tude.  I was wrong.

My baby Audrey was a good natured baby.  She was happy most of the time, didn't really have the time of night where she'd scream for no reason (Beth, for the first 5 months of life would cry at 7pm every night because she needed to let off steam), she was always smiling, she was friendly, she was a great sleeper, she was an easy baby.  I kind of thought that my good natured AJ would just carry through life and she'd have the temperment of her Daddy rather than her Mommy.

It's a well known fact that I'm a spit fire, I might be shy and reserved sometimes but when push comes to shove, I'm usually the one ready to shove someone!  Corey is my passive passive one.  There's not really any aggressive in there.  He goes with the flow, rolls with the punches and takes like as it comes.  It's exactly why we are a perfect match, God has put a happy medium in our family by combining both our extreme personalities.

As time has progress, my AJ hasn't lost much of that sweet, good nature that she was born with, it's ingrained in her but she has also developed a stubbornness that can only have come from me.  She's head strong and strong willed, when I tell her NO she'll hesitate for a hair of a second, then glance over her shoulder and smile.  Sometimes that smiled is even accompanied by a laugh.  ARG!

She's going to challenge me in ways her sister doesn't, just like Beth will challenge me in ways Audrey can't.  But right now, it's Audrey who is my challenge.  B still has her 'tudes and her moments but she's grown past some of it and has become a really sweet little girl, and a friend for me.  Audrey is just coming into that time.  I am preparing myself for a battle or 700. 

Standing my ground with her isn't ever a problem because I am stubborn and head strong the problem is that so is she.  And when you pair those two things its like having a staring contest and nobody will blink.  I have to win, it's key in raising this little girl to be the good, sweet and wonderful person she is inside.  But what I have to do in the process of winning is protect her spirit, her strength and the part of her that is like me.  I want to mold an attitude, not shatter her soul.

I love the part of her that is like me, I understand that part.  I know the will that it takes to stand your ground when everyone else's has turned to quicksand.  It has over the years served  me well in situations of peer pressure, temptation and in arguements with my mom children.  It has also gotten me into trouble, when I've stood my ground on something I was truly wrong about, but that is so rare I have forgotten altogether (haha).

She is and always will be my sweet Rosebud.  She's sweet and funny, she'll do just about anything to make us laugh, gives kisses, her face actually lights up when someone she loves walks into the room, and she's about the cutest baby ever.  And if we survive these moments we're going to be the best of friends and the biggest of enemies, it'll be just great!

I don't boast about much, but I will say, we (that's Corey and I of course) make cute kids!

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Anonymous said...

They are ADORABLE kids!!! I love them dearly. Oh Ashley the wars we had when you were a wee one with a tude was the foundation we have today. We know we can argue with the best of them and yet are always there for each other. Our love for each other as Mom and Daughter is something I get so excited to see you develop more and more as they grown in your girls for you. You are my pumpkin, always have been and always will be. I love you dear..and well...have fun with the discovery part in how to best deal with the new little tude in your home. :) Gotta say that when I have a chuckle it is not to be mean, but just reminicing of when it was my turn with my little ones and their tudes. Love you