Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Winner!

The thing about doing a Giveaway is usually someone has to win the prize.  And the thing about finding the someone who won the prize is that someone has to put the numbers into the generator and get a result.  And the thing about that is, I'm the only one here who knows how or even uses this here blog so I was elected by default.  And the problem with that default result is that this past weekend and week has been hairy raisingly crazy and I  haven't got around to it.

Until now, I figure I shouldn't keep you in suspense any longer!  You need an answer and I, well I now have one.

Like last time I still can't figure out how the heck to copy the results here so I'll just have to tell you.  I'll tell you that their results are truly, random (duh, you say).  I'll tell you that it wasn't that hard to do (mmhmmm), I'll even tell you that it's Thursday and it's March and it's slushing outside my window ("shut it", you say, "I live in Saskatchewan and we haven't seen the ground since October and there's no hope in sight until June", to which I say, "Sucka, ahem I mean I'm sorry to hear that").

That's not what you wanted to know?  Oh, I guess you wanted to know that this is the time of year when the cow manure trucks start spreading their joyful juice (also known around these parts as Shit Shooters) and now is the perfect time to visit Chilliwack.  The perfect time of year that is if you have a nasal disorder that completely eliminates the ability to smell or you have mastered the art of breathing through your mouth all of the time.

Still not what you needed to know?  Hmmm, what was I supposed to tell you, think, think, think.....

A winner!  Right!

Ok, without further adeu, or further attempt to make you smile even a little, the Winner is...

Cindy! with her comment....

cruberg said...Yeah for givaways! I think one of my favourite memories of Easter is living next door to you and having those easter egg hunts at the garden outside. I can't remember if you and your brother were a part of those hunts, but it sure was fun

Congratulations!!!!  I know you'll need all those candles in the coming months! 

And now for the big question.  Who was happy to see another giveaway?  Who would like another giveaway in a week or so?

Here's the deal, if ya'll want to see another contest run, I need to hear about it!  I need you to leave a comment and say "YAY!" or "NEY" (so I can't figure out how to spell that...) and if you do should it be candles, Starbucks or a mystery gift?  I need at least 10 "YAYs!" to run one again soon.  So comment, tell your friends, who are lurkers to comment, the more feedback the more excited I'll be and the more excited I am the bigger the prize!


Janice Vandyk said...

for sure a YAY!

Mya said...

I vote Yeah!

- and just so you know it is spelled Nay :)

I vote candles or mystery gift.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a Yeah! I never win - (especially with Timmy's lately - any luck out your way?!) what an exciting day! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Give aways are great! Keep em coming:-)

Anonymous said...

I elect yeah!
go for it Ashley, you are so good at give-a-ways. I like mystery, but anything would be good.