Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home Day

With as busy as life can get, sometimes I forget how good it feels to have a home day.  Our weekends are so often crammed to the brim with "fun" and errands we barely breath, and Monday morning we feel as though we've been on a treadmill for 2 days straight - it doesn't end up being very relaxing.

This past Sunday, however we put our feet down, or rather our tushies.  We decided to have ourselves a home day (because with church starting earlier for the summer months, we can't manage to get our act together and get out the door in time), Corey and Bethany spent 2 plus hours cleaning his truck.  Audrey had a super long nap, I cleaned my house, and did laundry and just was content to be here.

After a lunch of homemade ice cream and strawberries, and some noodles after the fact we headed outside to play in the kid's pools.  It's hot here, high 20's low 30's and while that's hot for anybody, it's unusual for us.  It's also a very different heat than we had grow accustom to in the interior and it's muggy, blech.  But Sunday's heat came with a beautiful breeze, and who doesn't like to be outside, playing in the shade, relaxing.

All the fun in the sun and the pool tired us out and it was definately a lazy afternoon kind of day.  We came in, puttered around a bit, threw two grass covered little girls in the tub and hung out.  The kids, who'd already thought they'd hit the lottery just about came unglued when I asked them if they'd like Little Caesar's Pizza (instead of home made, I was NOT turning on the oven) to have as a picnic in the living room to watch a movie.  Are you kidding, Mom?  Are you sick, on drugs, out of your mind?  You're gonna let us eat pizza, in the living room AND watch a movie?!! 

Around here while I may let them have a snack and sometimes their breakfast toast in the living room, lunch and dinner are at the table.  We also have a rule the kids don't get to have the TV on after dinner.  That's quite often the only time they see their dad and the last thing they need to be doing is killing brain cells with the boob tube.  But we were all tired yesterday and one of the great things about being the Mom is you can break the rules and nobody puts you in time out. 

The evening went wonderfully, Corey and the kids loved their pizza, I snuck in a bath, because watching them eat pizza is more than I can stand, too hard not to eat at least the gooey cheese on top.  I love my baths, complete with book and bubbles.  They're like my battery re-charge.

Our home day was perfect, they fell asleep almost as soon as we finished praying and Corey and I collapsed on the couch tired, but content.  It's always nice to be reminded that the best memories come in the moments we're together, not in the dollars spent or the distance travelled.

B was so tired after playing that while she was waiting for her Daddy to fill the tub she passed out on the kitchen floor.  I was hanging clothes on the line and could hear Corey calling and calling her.  I came out to find her (she hides every so often when she's in a "I'm never getting clean again" mood) and found this....too cute!
What's your favourite thing to do on a home day?

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