Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Crazy and it's a Creek

Before our dip in the hot pools
With all the hot summer weather and fun, exciting giveaways I've neglected to  blog about some big happenings around these parts.  Nothing earth shattering, just the stuff that has filled our days.  With the weather being so nice we've been taking up the opprotunities to get out and do some things with the girls when Corey's home.  We've done lots of different day trips, to White Rock, to the beach here, to Whistler - which in case you are wondering is way further away from Chilliwack than Corey said and the drive was really long.  It's been fun, nice to get out and just be the four of us.

Our morning buddy, sunning himself on the rocks behind our patio
Our summers are typically very busy.  Up until this year Corey's been working like a dawg all summer, and while he's still quite busy (this is their slow season) we've had a little more time with him around.  It's nice, we actually like having the guy around and so being together as a foursome is such a treat.  Any of the overnight travels done during the summer months for us usually involve extended family.  There's so many to visit that we make usually one, sometimes two trips back home to K-town for visits in the summer, then there's friends who often get missed amongst the family trips and weddings and bbq we're supposed to be at and graduations, and, and, and.   The list goes on and before we know it the summer is over, the computer is packed with new photos and we're standing there with a little drool on our faces, tattered suitcases in tow. (That's just a visual, we actually just got given 2 new beautiful suitcases and the girls have their Dora ones of course)

Playing matching with Daddy
A few years ago, we made a decision that at least once a summer we'd like to plan a trip that was strictly for our little family.  While we love the extended family and friends, this is the family we're most concerned with.  The bonds and memories formed with these little girls are the ones we want to solidify and time spent together is so important for growing and bonding as a unit. -End exerpt from annoying parenting manual-

Mommy wanting a nice family of my 3 - Audrey said No pictures

Anyways, last weekend we did just that.  It turned out that Corey had Friday off as well as the weekend and I did something very unusual.  I was spontaneous, spent 2 hours Thursday afternoon  research locations, picked a place, called and booked it and then in a whirlwind made lists (that I usually compile over a matter of a week) bought groceries and packed suitcases.

It was nuts, stressful and gave me heart palpitations. Literally.  I hate spontinatity, I like routine and plan, I like order and tidiness.  I also, in other notes love symetry and any display I built in any of my stores or for a PartyLite show is always symetrical, sigh.

Where did we go?  Well, we went to a little place in the middle of nowhere called Crazy Creek.  Half way between Sicamous and Revelstoke, Crazy Creek boasts waterfalls (which we did not hike up to because they A) charged admission - what? who charges to see nature?! and b) it was all stairs and I can't do stairs with a stroller) and Hot pools.  The website said they had condos, which turned out to be a bit misleading.  They were actually modular homes, and the beds were completely hard.  But it was brand new, and it was nice and while in the middle of nowhere we had a wonderful time.  I was a little confused though, it's called Crazy Creek, we know there was a waterfall but where the heck was the creek?  I never did see it.  We did see the train that was less than 1km from the home, that went through every half hour honking his horn.  Good thing we're used to trains around these parts, the kids slept right through them. 
The horse ride at the Enchanted Forest

The nice part about Crazy Creek, is that because they aren't in a major tourist location they were affordable, they were close enough to some attractions for us to get out and do some things with the girls without being totally overwhelmed with places to go and things to do.  My other uber favourite part was because it was a modular home it had a kitchen!  That meant I could cook for us most of the weekend, saving both dollars on restaurants and making it so that I could eat with my family.  Corey just laughed everytime I gushed about how glad I was to be able to cook and not have to stress over the eating portion of our vacation.

Everyone loves Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger Too!
Saturday saw us heading into Revelstoke for a bit and then to the Enchanted Forest.  Now, both Corey and I have drive past there many a time and thought "Lame, what could possible be so cool for kids in there".  Boy were we wrong!!!  It was amazing, the characters and stories in that forest were wonderful.  The girls loved it and we'll be going back again another time.  If you're ever on the Trans Canada heading that way and see the Enchanted Forest, kids or not do yourself a favor and stop, you won't be sorry.

This guy was electronic and talked, poor Bethany almost came right out of her skin
We meandered our way back home on Sunday, and pulled in shortly after 9pm.  Two little girls fast asleep, two parents more tired than before they left (aside: did you know as a parent holidays require sleep prior to and after coming home?  When you have children they are not full of rest and relaxation but rather exhaustion.) but a thoroughly happy family.

Turtle Tea
It was a great weekend away and we just might do it again.  They're developing the Crazy Creek "resort" and we're excited to see what next year brings.

I love these guys.
So what about you?  Have any of you found any hidden treasures in BC?  And destinations that aren't on the major radar but should be?


Karie said...

Wow... Enchanted Forest... went there when I was qhite young with ma pa 'n the sibs.. All I remember is that they had Jack 'n Jill washrooms... Maybe some day I will get to go there with my grand daughters........or perhaps just hubby 'n I.
I am happy that you are taking the time for your immediate family. What a blessing.
Place to see: Fort Steel just outside of Cranbrook 'n Kimberley is gorgeous with the downtown being a walking mall.....
They even paint their fire hydrants...
Very charming...

Take care...

Leslie said...

It's really nice to take the time off. Enchanted Forest is the way to go for the kids!