Monday, July 5, 2010

It's a Wobbling Giveaway!

Remember that buddy I went to see?  You know the one who had her paintings in the Art in the Park in Kamloops?  Come on, I know the sun is shining and you've only been half paying attention but work with me here....the one from the last post.

Yes!  That one, we'll she's up to something, and it's something good!  She's giving away two of her paintings!  Can you say, yeehaw?  YEEHAW! 

And if you want to win it's kinda easy (although to be completely honest I'd like you to win 1 and ME to win 1), all you have to do is go over HERE to her blog and comment on the post, mentioning that you saw it here.  That way, you'll get an entry to win and so will I.  Then if you want to win again, snag a buddy of yours, give them her link (or mine) and they can comment, mentioning you.  It's that easy!

You need 15 minutes to let the new layer of sunscreen soak in so why not?  Go on over, leave a comment and maybe win a prize!  And then, keep watch over here, we've got a giveaway coming soon!

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