Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little Momma

One of my favourite parts of watching our kids grow up is seeing them become who they're meant to be.  I believe that God installs unique software in each of us, it's adjusted and developed by the things and the people in our lives but that basic structure is there long before we take our first breath of air.

When our girls were babies, they were cute and sweet and snuggly, but they didn't really have any kind of personality.  They followed suit with a bazillion babies before them - they pooped, the ate, they slept, they wailed, but they really didn't show anything unquie.  It begins at 6 months and from there it's a roller coaster ride of funny, sweet and frustrating. 

Audrey's really starting to come into her own.  She's a funny kid.  Her expressions and reactions have me laughing so often, it's difficult to scold.  She's compassionate but in a different way than Beth.  Where Bethany wants to love and cuddle someone who's sad, AJ will kiss them and then do something silly to make them laugh.  When she's in trouble she pulls out this impish grin and the cheeky giggle, knowing I'm gonna have to fight for composure. 

The past 2 weeks have seen a HUGE increase in words to her vocabulary and so her response to things you say is becoming more and more co-herent and entertaining.  For example...

I walked into the bathroom and found Bethany sitting on the potty doing her business and Audrey standing there watching with a pile of toilet paper at her feet.  She had decided to unravel the WHOLE new roll onto the floor.  This is something I've never experience, Beth was never interested in the roll like that.  Apparently Audrey is.....

Me: "Audrey!  Did you do that?!"
Audrey: "Nooooooo......Yah"
Me: "That was a bad idea!*  Look at the mess you made!"
AJ: "Ohhhhhhhhhh" shaking her head
Me: "What do you think you should say to Momma?" (This is where she's supposed to say sorry, this is where she KNOWS and usually says sorry)
AJ: "UhOh"
Me: "Who should clean that up?"
AJ: "Mama."

Thanks kid.  I didn't of course think to take a picture, and I wish I had a video because the conversation was much funnier in the moment and frustrating. 

She's an awesome kid, her personality is gonna make her a different and super little girl to have in this house.  It thrills me to no end that our girls are growing into individuals, because I know without a shadow of a doubt there's not going to be any dull moments around here.

And since, this post is kind of randomish and not polished, here's a video to end it all.  I love this little clip of her, that song is one of my very favourite.  She loves her teddy and her baby more than almost anything ever.  She's a natural born little momma, she snuggles and cuddles, scolds and loves.  We don't go anywhere without Teddy and a baby in tow, they are her very best of friends.  I can just see her, married and 20 something years down the road with half a dozen kids, soaking up every second of motherhood.

Mommy Audrey from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

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Angella said...

I love how God makes each kid so unique. It's mind-blowing, really. :)