Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lessons I've learned from Kate Gosselin

1. When taking little kids to the washroom, using an automatic toilet, hang a piece of toilet paper over the sensor until they are finished.  This way, the toilet won't randomly flush while their teeny, tiny tushies are squirming all over it and they won't be scared out of their wits and fall in. (The latter part of this I learned the hard way)

2. Not all husbands are as fantastic as the one I have.  Some love their kids but don't know how to love their life and I should count my blessings.  And I do.

3. Divorce sucks, people get hurt, with or without cameras.  But cameras make it waaaaay harder.

4. Not everybody can dance, but everyone can try.  Some should just stick to doing it in the living room.  With the curtains closed. When everyone is asleep.

5. Dressing your same sex children the same is absolutely adorable, even if it is cliche.

6. Having chickens, even when you have a sweet looking coupe and 8 munchkins to help, is gross.  I don't know if she thinks this but every time I see that episode with the chickens I gag.

7. Grocery shopping for my little family of 4 is nothing in comparison to shopping for 9!  I think I should stop complaining.

8. No matter what you do, someone is always going to think you're doing it wrong.  Trying to please everyone will only drive you mental and they only way to actually get it right, is love your kids, follow your gut and fly by the seat of your pants.

There are so many who don't love Kate, and even more who stand in judgement over her.  I just can't, I started out with that in mind but as time has worn on my heart has softened.  She's one heck of a Mom, she's a woman who does whatever she can to love and support her children.  And while I'm sure there is a measure that enjoys being on TV I believe her when she says that she continues to do the publicity thing because it's how she can provide for her children.  I mean, what other option does she have that allows her to be there for her kids too?  We don't judge Julia Roberts or Michael Douglas for going to work while leaving kids at home, but because Kate includes hers in what she does that must make her wrong.  But I take our girls to work with me each day, so where then does that leave me...

Anyways this didn't start out to be a I ♥ Kate post, I just wanted to share some useful tips I've learned.  But keep in mind, the next time you see her on the cover of a magazine, things aren't always as they seem.

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Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Excellent perspective Ashley! I am pretty hard on her but I think you have changed my mind.

My biggest thing was how she treated her made me crazy.