Monday, November 1, 2010

Salvage Giveaway!

I'm a crafty person by nature, in a good way.  I can be all Martha Stewart crafty when the mood strikes (and just for the record that's pre-prison crafty, the kind that involves glue, and glitter and ribbon, not red and black pens, calculators and white out)  I'm the sort of gal who spends hours upon hours knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, designing and creating.  I love seeing the end result and sharing that with someone else, it brings me great joy.  I may not be the best at what I do, but I take pride in it and love every second.

I also spend countless hours with my girls creating, making and sharing.  I want them to learn as I have the gift of giving a handmade gift.  I also want to teach them the value of receiving something made with love.  It's a full circle sort of thing.

Nothing is more exciting to me than visiting a wool shop, or checking out an antique store, and without a word of a lie the annual Christmas craft fair is in my planner, on my Crackberry and written in red on my kitchen calendar to make certain I don't miss it.  I'm all sorts of anal cool like that.

Anyways, I have this cousin Stephanie, who's crafty herself, Martha's got nothing on her.  I can remember being a kid, and watching her create and craft beautiful Christmas wreaths and the most adorable dolls from mops (clean not dirty ones), I still have my mop doll.  She, like many of us crafters has creative mood swings and changes from craft to craft, project to project.  Adjusting her style to suite her lifestyle, which is what she's once again done.

She's gone into the salvage business, searching the earth and every garage sale on the continent for one man's trash to turn into another man's treasure.  She's repurposes, creates, cleans and rebuilds the vintage into the beautiful and it's amazing!   I have yet to visit her shop, but she's created a blog and seeing all her treasures is a pretty sweet deal! 

That's what you could win! I love it! (ps, I totally snagged this shot from her blog)

If that weren't cool enough, she's also hosting a giveaway a week for the monthI know!  If you weren't already thinking awesome thoughts about her you are now!  Anyways, all you have to do is go over and leave her a comment, there's no kick back here to me, I just wanted to share something cool, both the creator and the prize.  And hey, why not share a little linking love, everybody loves a good link or 2, right?

So why not go over and browse through her pages and then come back and tell me (just because I'm needy like that and feel slightly neglected by the lack of comments ahem) about your favorite picture, your greatest treasure or if you are a closet crafter?

ps, I'll have her link on the side bar should you ever want to go take a gander at her site again.

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kim @ mommyknows said...

I like the necklace. I'm going to head over to her blog next.

I can be crafty, but not as crafty as Martha. Crafty is probably what landed her in jail. hA!

How goes nablopomo? I'm plodding my way through nanowrimo. Ah, the things we bloggers do :)