Monday, October 30, 2006

Friends with babies

It is such a blessing to have friends around me that have already had their babies or are in the process of being pregnant like I am. I had lunch today with a girl I met in the hospital - Marina. She was the first roommate I had in the hospital over those 6 weeks who was under 45 & was pregnant. Up until her arrival at around week 4 I had only had, very grumpy, older roommates having hysterectomies. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't Princess Sunshine then either (no comment from Mom on that one) & having surgery is never fun but some of the abusive language they used with the nurses, mothers and other guests was depressing.
When Marine breezed in she had the most uplifting attitude and things felt a little more positive. Even though she was in the hospital & hurting she was happy & kind. Everyone around her felt blessed by her presence. God brought us each other for that short period of time. We have been able to keep in touch and met today for lunch.
She had her son 3 weeks ago. His name is Josiah and he's beautiful! How wonderful it is to have someone who's gone ahead and can answer some of the crazy questions filling my head. It was great to get out and have someone to visit with - 3 hours just flew by.
But I've decided after some of the stories her's and others, that I'm going to boycott labor....I don't think I want to hurt that much. After holding Josiah today I know for sure it's all worth it...the pregnancy, the problems and even the pain. But I'm a wimp and even more I'm stubborn - do you think they'd let Corey do it for me? I mean he's way tougher than I am!

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Biting my tongue... that isth all I'm gonna sthay.

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