Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A side view

Well at long last here are some "belly shots". When we first found out we were pregnant Corey insisted on taking one a month at least and I found it enduring. After our hospital stay and the chaos that was summer we have only taken one more and they just keep getting put off.
Many a girlfriend have said that we should really make sure we have these as they are fun to look back on. Up until recently I however have refused to pose for such a shot. I was feeling more fat than pregnant and the thought of having to see what I felt was depressing. My parents were here for my birthday this weekend and my mom wouldn't take "No! I don't wanna!" for an answer.
Still, when I saw the pictures I was a little taken back, I had no idea my body had changed so much. To me it seems as though it's not even the same person. Funny what a camera can reveal. Oh well, over the next 9 weeks or so we'll make sure to take a few more of these entertaining pictures as I've been informed the real growing has just started.

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Amanda said...

Hooray for belly shots! You look wonderful and that bump is really starting to make her debut. It's amazing how the body changes...enjoy the mircale!