Friday, October 13, 2006

Where has time gone?

A year ago this October 10th Corey asked me to marry him....seems like longer than that. It amazes me that in such a short period of time so much could happen. A year ago right now we were floating on cloud nine planning our big day. Chosing flowers, picking colors, trying on wedding dresses (still probably the biggest highlight for me...what a day with my mom!), making invitations and just stressing in general that March 18th be the most perfect day ever. And although the hitches came and went, the day was incredible, nothing could have been more perfect in our minds! Thanks to the wonderful family and friends we have!!

If someone would have told me that in a year we'd be planning again, only this time for a baby I'd have called them crazy! And yet here we are excited, growing and planning once again. It's funny I sit in my chair (the only place I am remotely comfortable) thinking about our little one - who I've decided is a girl - planning her life. Wondering what her personality will be, will she be kind and compassionate like her daddy? Cheeky and stubborn like her momma? What will we do on her first day of school? First sleep over? First boyfriend? Graduation? The day we get the phone call that she has met the man God has chosen for her? Her wedding? How is it that someone so small, who hasn't even made an appearance yet can dominate so many of my thoughts? I love her so much already how much more can a person love when she gets here?

And the biggest question.... if we do have a boy - How will I ever make up for 9 months of calling him a girl? I apologize on a daily basis to my growing belly for the gender implications but come on... what ever happened to woman's intuition?

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