Monday, October 16, 2006

A little drop of Home

It's raining today and I couldn't be happier! It's like getting a little piece of home for awhile. I can remember years ago, living in Hope having a good friend who had moved away saying she missed the rain. I told her she was nuts, certifiable even. I mean seriously miss rain? CRAZY! For those of you not familiar with Hope and the Fraser Valley, rain is the primary weather condition. In the fall - it rains, in the Winter - it snows some and it rains, the spring - a continual shower and in the Summer amidst the warmth and sunshine you are guaranteed to have some really great rain showers. An umbrella there is as much a necessity as sunscreen is here in the Okanagan.
Now don't get me wrong I love living in sunny Kelowna and thoroughly enjoy the beautiful sunny days and warm nights, but every so often I long for the days of rain. The heavy clouds that make you feel like heaven is a little closer, the sound of rain on the roof or windshield, and of course the freshness that is in the air when it's all said and done.
So for those of you complaining about the puddles, the slow in traffic - you know because people in the Okanagan respond to rain like an Albertan responds to a corner...BRAKE!- and the lack of warm rays, remember, we are getting refreshed. The grass will stay greener a little longer, the ever changing color on our trees will be a little more vivid and look out your window you might see a kid or too hoping in a puddle.
Besides for some of us, these days help chase away the ones filled with homesick blues. Now if only we could get it to rain family and friends once in awhile!

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