Tuesday, November 7, 2006

"The Baby Name Inventor"

The closer we get to our due date the more Corey and I are asked the question "Have you chosen any names yet?" In fact, we have thought of some great names that we quite like and are pondering over. We won't decide for sure what name we'll give our little one until we get to meet him or her. I don't think a person can truely make that kind of decision without seeing the little face about to carry the name and the personality that is going to have to suit it.
In the process of discussing the possible names Corey and I, like all parents have looked to try and find something unique for our little heir. I have looked at various Baby Name website searching for something amazing. Well today I pulled up my favorite baby site of all www.babyzone.com and discovered "The Baby Name Inventor". I was excited! To me it sounded like this helpful tool would be just what I was looking for. Now I assumed it would ask you a series of questions and then create something fantastic for you. Well in fact this ridiculous little tool just takes a bunch of letters and smooshes them together. Take a gander at some of the "suggested" names below and see for yourself.
- Ganectre Stone - Walamoyla Stone - Ugabero Stone - Smav Stone
and the list goes on and on. Can you imagine the teasing that would go along with any one of these dreadful names? I had myself a good laugh this afternoon just trying to pronounce some of them. These names are almost a cruel as naming your baby "Hippolite Williams." True story, when my mom was working as a nurse she had a patient give this name to her chubby little daughter....mean, just plain mean!
I think we'll just stick to the good ol' names on our current lists. At least they are easy to pronouce and actually have a meaning and origin when I look them up.

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DadCafe said...

You're right, those names are awful. You could try an alternative name inventor or even sticking with Sweet Pea would be better.

Also, you mentioned you don't know the gender so you might want to try a gender predictor quiz. Sorry for the self-promotion but it should be a bit of fun. Good luck...