Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can I push the button?

Last year for my birthday my beloved husband gave me a remote car start system. At the time I was a little confused as to why I would need such a beast, but none the less was thankful for the novelty of being able to have a warm car to get into with the push of a button. Corey hooked it up for me immediately and I got about 2 months use out of it before my car's security system had a hissy fit and kicked it out. It would allow the car start to crank the engine over but it would never allow it to run. Frustrated and confused Corey disconnected the car start system with plans of seeing to the problem in the spring.
Spring came, along with many other more pressing priorities - our wedding, Jackie's wedding, being pregnant and a little procrastination on our part. Then with the chaos of our the summer the car start was soon forgotten. Once it began to get cold again Corey mentioned that he intended to get it hooked up before it started to snow. Well, weekend life has just been hectic for us so it's been sitting on the back burner. Each time we got into our frigid car I would hear the same thing, "I've gotta get that car start it. I'm freezing!"
This weekend however was a little different. Corey and Scott spent a good part of Saturday out in the chilly air working on my car. At the end of their challenge they had successfully hooked up the car start system, the automatic door locks and fixed my rear brakes! How wonderful it was Sunday morning to head out the door for church and hop into a toasty warm car. I am truely spoilt!
Thanks to my wonderful husband and brother-in-law! Now not only will Corey and I be warm all winter but so will our little one when she finally makes her appearance.


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Anonymous said...

You are so Blessed to have Corey and Scott around to do the mechanics, I do so miss that, but am so glad that they can work together to help you and Chels. We miss you two so much and pray daily for you. God Bless.
Love Mom and John