Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Too Small...

I finally was able to get my regular doctor's appointment yesterday. I had one scheduled for last week that they had to cancel because the doc was sick and then they had to cancel the re-scheduled appointment earlier this week because of the weather. I half expected them to phone me yesterday again to re-schedule the re-scheduled appointment but nope, they had found a fill in doctor. Normally this throws me for some what of a loop as I prefer continuity but apparently this lady is one of the doctors that covers for them over holidays. Since we are due in the middle of the year's biggest holiday season there is a good chance that she will be delivering our little one.
She took my blood pressure, made me stand on the dreaded scale (which I have decided has a personal vendetat with me), listened to the heartbeat and measured my belly. Just like everyone else around us she commented on how I hardly look pregnant and that my belly is quite small. After measuring 3 times and trying her best to squeak out the largest measurement possible she announced that I really am too small for how many weeks along we are. This could be for many reasons the baby is lying strange, too little amniotic fluid, lack of nutrition for the baby, a malfunctioning placenta, just a small baby and the strength of the abdominal muscles. Now we all know that this had been a trying time for my abdominal muscles so that is what we are praying the problem is. I mean how good would it be for a girl's ego to know that she has "superhero" abs that are keeping things nice and tight. I doubt it but hey, one can hope.
After making this assesment she decided to feel for the baby's position, I had mentioned that aside from the odd rib kick the majority of the baby gymnastics is still happening below my belly button and on my sides. After a rather uncomfortable external exam she decided that the baby is either breach or sideways, but certainly at this point is not head down. We are still 5 weeks away from our due date and the baby still has time to turn but she didn't want to wait to find out. So she decided that another ultrasound is important.
The soonest they could get a "high priority" ultrasound here in Kelowna was Dec 29, which the doctor felt far too long to wait. So Katherine, the world's greatest receptionist called Vernon and after 15 minutes of hold and some sweet talkin' she got us in for next Friday. Still a little farther away than was ideal but not too bad.
So once again here we are waiting, praying and wondering what's going on in there. I am sure it's probably nothing but there is always that small amount of doubt and concern that rests in the back of my head. What if I've done something wrong, not done something, what if..., what if..., what if.... I know playing "what if" isn't very helpful but it's a tough habit to break and one that drives my poor Corey nuts.
Wouldn't it be nice if we had some perminant window in there to see what's happening? It could have a curtain of course or maybe a little door but still we could take the occasional peak. I am sure that if that were an option it would satisfy my Curious George of an imagination!

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Mom G said...

Good Morning Sweeties
Hugs to you all. I am glad that Doctor's are keeping an eye on you and Sweet Pea. It is reassuring to know they are looking out for the best interest of you and baby. Not long now Honey. You didn't do or not do anything wrong Honey. Hugs from me to you and tons of love and prayers.
Mom G