Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Yet another baby!

Finally, a boy! Tuesday morning at approx 1am my cousin Garth and his fiance Jenny finally met their little guy, Cole Gabrielle. We have yet to see the new little hockey player but from what I am told he is 7lbs of perfection. Congratulations to Garth, Jenny and the new grandparents. This is the first boy grandbaby for my aunt and uncle - their daughter Vicki has 2 beautiful daughters. In the 7 couples that we knew of that were pregnant Garth and Jenny were the first to have a boy! Talk about defying the odds. All the statistics say that more boys are born than girls, Ha shows what they know.
Now as excited as we are for Garth and Jenny that their son has safely arrived, there is a tiny part of me that is jealous. Well, actually if we're being honest, there is a HUGE part of me that is jealous. Right now while my bladder along with my pants are shrinking on a daily basis, they are sitting back snuggling a precious baby. Who I'm sure they are totally captivated with and who must have the wonderful baby smell. Not only that but each and every Sunday we attend church there is yet another new babe. We are so very, very happy for the parents as their long waits are over but can't help but wonder, "When's it our turn?"
I know, I know, I have nothing to complain about and our time is rapidly coming upon us but as I explained awhile back - God dropped the ball on my patience gene. I don't want to wait another month, week, day or minute. Even my ever patient husband is starting to get excited. At church on Sunday, Luke, Tianna and little Danai were sitting behind us. Corey couldn't stop turning around to watch her. I had to keep tugging on his sleeve reminding him that the sermon was happening in front of him, all the while feeling my heart melt at the look on his face. He said on the ride home it had finally started to hit him that, it wouldn't be long and he'd get to hold and love our little one like that. He's sick of waiting too! Yes, finally!
I hope you all realize that even though I am starting to turn a little green with envy we are truely happy for all of the new parents! There is nothing more wonderful than the blessing of a baby and we wouldn't want to take that away from anybody, ever. We are just anxiously praying for and awaiting the day that our baby is born.

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