Monday, November 20, 2006

An ode to My Mom and Her "Sweet Pea"

From the time my mom found out we were pregnant she has been a little more than excited. Actually that's a large understatement, hugely excited, ecstatic, thrilled and counting down the days with us until our small one arrives.
Now for those of you who don't know my mom she is to say the least a very expressive person, with emotions that are always upfront and centre. For the most part it is a benefit to those around her as they never have to wonder what she's feeling. You know when she's happy, sad, excited and the downfall - when she's mad. Hahaha. Thank goodness that doesn't happen often. The greatest blessing in this trait is you never have to wonder if she loves you. My mom is the first and the last one to say "I love you". She's ready with a hug and a smile whenever it's needed and her encouragement is never far behind.
Since finding out we were pregnant she has been trying to channel her excitement as well as connect with our baby. Like us Mom felt weird about calling the baby "it" and I am glad. For us it was easy as I have already decided I think we're having a girl so it's been "she", but for Mom it was a little harder. She didn't want to put a gender to the baby so she took the next nearest route - "Sweet Pea". She so loved this little nickname that she planted the sweet pea flower in her garden to share with her grandbaby as she grows.
Cute huh? Sort of. While I was in the hospital I was more than annoyed with the name. My only excuse is that I was on drugs and trapped in a bed staring at ugly striped curtains for 6 weeks. Who wouldn't have been cranky? I didn't like having someone talk to my belly and I certainly didn't like the sound of anything cute.
Thank goodness, that is all over now and God has given my attitude a very large tune up. I now love my mom even more for the love and tenderness behind "Sweet Pea". I am sure that as our little one grows and hears Grandma call her "Sweet Pea" she too will be filled with all the warmth that is my mom.
So here's to you Mom. Thank you for all your love, support, sewing (even on second and third attempts, heehee) and of course encouragement. Not only am I blessed to have you for my mom and my friend but our baby is blessed to have you as a Grandma!
Below are a few pictures of my mom and some other types of Sweat Pea.

Sweet Pea is Olive Oil and Popeye's baby.

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Mom G said...

Ashley, you got me. I would write more but can't see the screen! I love you and Corey so much! I have a special love that is a brewin for this dear Little Sweet Pea. You know, even with this rough weather outside the ones I planted are still blooming!!!

Lord, thank you so much for my children and new son in law and new baby.

Ok can't see.. gotta go
Love you