Friday, November 17, 2006

Prenatal Practice

Last night was our second of 4 prenatal classes and once again we walked away with some interesting information. Our instructor Wendy is fantastic! She has a wonderful wealth of knowledge to share with those of us less than intelligent when it comes to the pregnancy and birth department. Her mild and relaxed personality also make her very approachable, which helps with some of those akward questions.
Our first class was spent mostly talking about an overview of labour, it's stages and progressions. That sort of thing. Last night we spent the first hour or so talking about labor complications. Prolonged labor (more than 24 hours no thanks), precipitate labor (less than 3 hours, bring it on!) among other things. It was very interesting to learn the solutions suggested by some of the reading material for getting your labor moving along at home. Who knew nipple stimulation and sex could be such handy little tricks, haha. Corey and every other dad in the room just blushed and looked at their significant others at the mention of this but I didn't hear any protesting.
The second half of the class was spent practicing breathing techinques and laboring positions. This was more than a little bit strange for me. Even though I know I'm pregnant, I can feel the baby move and I've seen the ultrasound pictures it still felt a little sureal last night. At first I just felt like a big dork, hangin' over an excercise ball, butt in the air "he he he ho" ing, then I felt like an imposter and finally I felt light headed. We couldn't help but get a few giggles out of the fact that here we are supposed to be relaxing from this breathing and I've got a death grip on Corey and the counter while trying to convince the room to stay in one spot.
None the less we made it through another class and are one step closer to the reality of birth. A hospital tour on Tuesday, one more class on Thursday and then it's all over. Hard to believe it's only around 50 days away - give or take a week. I'm so glad the finish line is in sight!

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Amanda said...

Before you know it you'll be holding your girl (or boy?!). Can't wait. :)