Friday, November 3, 2006

Snow? Where'd you go?

Yesterday was one of the best days we've had in a few weeks. It snowed! And not just a few wimpy little flakes but it actually snowed a good majority of the day here. We accumulated a little and it was beautiful. There is nothing like the first snow of the season. Not only does it indicate, winter is en route but it also means I can play my christmas carols shamelessly!
That's right folks it was a Winter Wonderland inside and out yesterday at our house. I went out for a little while yesterday (the electric company decided that they'd do some maintenance for 3 hours in the morning) and proceded to walk around Zellers humming quitely to myself some of my favorite songs. It was a little comical and maybe slightly embarassing - I didn't realize that other people could still hear me while in my "little world" and they were laughing. Oh well! I like to start my Christmas songs the 1st of November and finish them Boxing Day.
The other part of the first snow that I love so very much is the reaction of the kids. Our new house backs onto a school yard and I have lots of windows that face out. I was able to watch the snow falling yesterday and then all the little elemetary kids out playing in it. Who can help smiling at that? Second only to those children's reactions, is my husband's. Corey was beside himself...he loves snow so very much. Hates being cold but love the white stuff. Says it's the only good reason for cold weather. He was so very cute yesterday, a little snow bounce in his step. Glad some people never grow up. (Sometimes....)
Getting up this morning however I was kicking myself for procrastinating on taking a picture yesterday. As per usual for the first snow, it has rained and the snow is gone. Now I'm not complaining about the rain but I am feeling a little sad about the lack of snow. At least for now. According to my "reliable" source Environment Canada, it'll be a week or so before we get anymore. Did you catch that? Environment Canada - reliable - please tell me you're laughing too?! You can be sitting in the middle of thunderstorm and check their website and you could very possibly read - "Current Conditions: Sunny with a slight possibility of light showers." mean while you could swear that Noah and his ark just passed your by window.
Sigh, oh well what can you do? Weather predicting is God's job, no wonder they keep screwing up.

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Amanda said...

You make me laugh, Ashley. :)