Friday, March 30, 2007

Home Again

Hi Ya'll! Did you miss us? I am so sorry it's been so long since our last post. The days and weeks have been flying by and with everything that has gone on I have neglected my blogging responsibilities.

Corey, Bethany and I just returned from a week away. Work sent Corey on a training course down in Syricuse, Indiana for a week so Beth and I headed to my Mom and Dad's house for a week of R&R. I was not impressed in the least that he was gone and missed him every second but it was so wonderful to have my family around!

We went to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island for a quick overnight trip where I was given a surprise baby shower by all my Mom's family. It was so awesome to see everyone and to have them meet my little girl. I spent a large part of my growing up years at my Auntie Mary and Uncle Bill's house(they hosted the shower) and was so anxious for them to see Bethany. They have always been like my second parents and the summers spent with them are some of my best memories. We then brought my grandparents home to Chilliwack because they are spending 6 weeks with my parents. It's their vacation time and they were so looking forward to it. My brother was the other person I was so excited to meet my baby girl. Dustin is a wonderful man and I miss him so very much. He has tried on multiple occasions to make the trek to our neck of the woods since Beth was born to meet her but something has always stood in his way. But not this time, he was over at the house a few time and even held her. My how my heart strings tugged! I felt the tears ready to flow, I love them both so much. The rest of the week was spent playing with Bethany, shopping for "interm" pants ( you know the kind of pants that don't have a stretch panel, are smaller than your fat pants, closer to your pre-baby pants and still allow you to breath. ) and hung out. It was so wonderful to have the extra arms to hold my girl and to hand out hugs freely while I missed my darling husband.

Saturday morning I awoke super excited, Corey was coming home!!!! Hoooray! I jumped from my bed and after changing the munchkin I headed to the living room to insure that my Dad was well on his way to Seattle. As I peaked into my parents room to say good morning to my Mom I noticed something very disturbing....Dad was still in bed (Get your mind outta the gutter, what did you think I was going to say?). Corey had called and his plane was going to be delayed a few hours due to fog. We were disappointed but figured we could manage a few more hours. We carried on with the day counting down the minutes until he was back. Then came the second dreaded phone call - they couldn't get Corey on another plane until Sunday. The poor guy spent the entire day in the airport. Let me tell you I had some pretty choice words for the Continental and Delta Airlines people. Good thing for them my Mom and Grammy where keeping me well occupied. After a stop in Kalamazoo (it really is a place!) and Atlanta Corey finally arrived in Seattle Sunday night and in Chilliwack around midnight. Was I glad to see him!

It was a wonderful week, great to see everyone, sad to leave but great to come home. And here we are back to life and our blog. There are more stories to tell but I will leave them for another day as this post is already miles long, hope ya'll are still awake.

Here are a few pictures for you to check out...


Anonymous said...

Dearest Ashley, Corey, Bethany,
It was so good to see you all and to hold that precious grandchild. She is such a Blessing to you both. The pic. of 4 generation is so beautifull, and the one of your brother is priceless. What a blessing to have family all together.... We love and miss you so much. we had a good drive home and have so much info to pass to you. see you at Easter. Love grampa and gramma Kimmie

Grammie said...

Hi Guys
I had such a wonderful time with you all here. Watching you be a Mom of dear little Sweet Pea was so much fun! And watching you being the wife of Corey as he was away filled my heart. The love you two share is amazing and such a legacy for Bethany.
Seeing Dustin hold Bethany got to me too!. My two babies now holding one of my babies babies. The picture of the four of us makes me smile and giggle too. What a blessing it is to still have my folks and be able to share Bethany and you with Grammie. Also, the only picture in history with me not wearing make that is history too! hahahaha I love you all so much and miss you so deeply.

Love always and forever
Mom...aka Grammie :)