Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just something cute!

Daddy's Got the Touch!

This dress is sooo cute! It was made by a good friend of ours, Jan. It looks like a professional job.

These are all her Easter dress. The dress is actually too big and she'll probably wear it to Uncle Scott and Aunt Chelsea's wedding but I couldn't resist. You never know when they are going to out grow something.
Stay tuned for posts with more words....I'm just feeling a little blank in the brain department today.


Jackie G said...

OHHH MYYYY What a sweet, adorable, wonderful, cute, happy, gorgeous, lovely, darling, amazing little granddaughter we have. Tears here this morning.

Miss you all
Love Grammy aka Mom

Anonymous said...

Everytime a see her it makes me want one of my own. I hope that he or she can be a cute and wonderful as baby beth.
We love you all so much.
Scott and Chels