Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little Becky

Well folks, I have been blessed by a funny, funny little girl this week. My mom sent me this e-mail with a link to a blog about a girl they call "Little Becky". She is an irish girl about 9 years old who works for a radio station. She makes prank calls and they record them to play on a Dublin radio show. She is priceless!!!!! Corey and I took a listen this morning and laughed until we almost cried. After the 'tude that's been hanging off my shoulders this week I needed a good laugh and along came Becky. Have a listen, a laugh and then let me know what you think of her....she's absolutely precious.

Little Becky

I've also included a link for a baby photo contest that my mom entered our dear Bethany in. If ya'll could please vote we'd appreciate it. You follow the link, punch in your e-mail, answer the confirmation e-mail and that's it. This contest isn't only about my beautiful girl or the sweet prizes at the end but also a really big tribute to my mom and her great photographic eye. You are able to vote once a day, so do like the commercials say and vote!

Photo Contest

ps. Ya'll should enter your babies for next month. Wouldn't it be lovely if we all won some prizes for our amazing children?

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