Monday, March 5, 2007

UhOh The 'Tude is back

Ok everyone, just as a fair warning today's post was written by my 'tude. I am generally a happy, go lucky sort of gal, maybe a little quiet but on the whole rather cheerful. However as many of you learned in previous posts I have a 'tude that likes to rear her ugly head every so often.

I have contemplated the idea of giving said 'tude a name but was concerned that it might come across as something much more serious than just an attitude. And quite frankly me and the voices in my head have enough to do in a day without having to worry about therapy too. So for now unless anyone has any better ideas we will just refer to it as the 'tude. Are you prepared? Consider yourselves we go.

Why aren't I back into my skinny jeans yet? Why can't I live on 2.5 hours of sleep? What's going to happen when my Mat leave is over? Where is the sunshine we all need so badly? And who told Britney that bald was beautiful? Sound like enough grump to you? These are just a few of the things cluttering my crazy brain.

I completely understand that it took 9 months to gain half a million pounds and it's going to take more than 2 months of endless rocking, swaying, pacing and lifting the 1 ton diaper bag to loose it all. But why oh why can't it be easier? And if it can't be easier at least why aren't there more hours in the day so that I could do something about it. I wouldn't give up a second with my precious little girl but I'd really like to do something about the extra poundage hanging around. Today I'm in one of those moods where I would really like to either go to the gym or eat a bag of oreos. As I'm sure you can guess there is no time for the gym and the latter is dangerous. So for now I'll settle with complainin' to ya'll.

Complaint #2 really is self explanitory and can be applied to all of the above and below. As well as to every other new momma out there.

Now on to Mat leave. I am a worrier and a planner. It's a great combination for the most part as I am rarely ever surprised about anything. I usually have a skeleton plan at least to deal with whatever arises and this has proven helpful over the years. However the down side to this is that I "What if" EVERYTHING to DEATH. My newest worry is that I will have to go back to work when my Mat leave expires in the fall. Now I understand that nobody knows the future and that more importantly God is in CONTROL. But I kinda like to be in control too....I don't wanna trust. I have to, I am learning and it's all going to be fine but I don't have to like it. One of the biggest challenges for the planner personality is NOT planning and controlling the future. God says he's got it covered and I trust him for that but could he please, please send me a Text message to let me know what the scoop is?

I enjoy winter and loooove the rain but a girl still needs some good ol' fashioned sunshine. You know the kind that warms your skin and entices you to go outside for a walk. Which by the way would help with complaint #1. I can't wait to enjoy the rays with Bethany.

And last but not least. Poor, poor Britney. Bald is beautiful if you've had some disease and lost all your hair or you shave your head for charity or donate your locks to a good cause. Bald is frightening and even wrong when you are Britney Spears, looking for love in the wrong man, lacking in the work department and missing your underwear. I feel sad for this poor girl that she is so desperate for attention and help that she felt she had to marry a creep, have 2 children and then sheer her own head. *Shaking my head* So, so sad....

Anyways ya'll there you have it. My complaint list for March, I can already feel my 'tude evaporating. Please know that this was just a vent...I'm really not so upset. Thanks for listening, sorry for complaining and I promise happier days are soon to come. When they do rest a sured you'll hear me singing...."Sunday, Monday HAPPY DAYS"

And to punctuate the 'tude with something brighter, it's Beth & her momma.


Amanda said...

At least the 'Tude makes for some pretty entertaining posts! You make me laugh. :)
You look great, Ashley. I know the extra weight can be annoying but it WILL come off...more slowly than we'd like, but surely nonetheless. 9 months up, nine months down. It's taken me that long! Once the weather smartens up you'll be able to get out for wals everyday and that always lifts the mood.
Hope to see you soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Ashley, you are so beautiful and with that Blessed child you are even beeming. I am so Blessed, cause God brought you and my son together and then so Blessed you both with such a wonderful child as Bethany..I love you and pray for you all forever and ever. I want you to know that God will always lift you up and Bless you abundantly forever...Keep the Faith in God always....Love you lots, Mom KImmie,(Gramma)....

Anonymous said...

Please realise that you are beautiful, and give yourself some credit...You just grew a amazingly beautiful baby girl inside of you. I think you look fabulous and you have the most amazing new mom glow. Always remember that i am not far away and that i can help you out anytime you need. I am very baby friendly and have tons of baby experience. I hope you take me up on my offers one day.
we love you guys tons.
Your sister-in-law to be.

Grammy said...

Hey there Little Girl :)
Ok so you are not a little girl but a woman but you will always be my little girl. :)

You are doing great Honey. I am very proud of you. You body will catch up, it takes time and that is ok.

You are good Mom!! And a good Wife!! and as always a good daughter!!

Love and prayers
Mom aka Grammy :)