Thursday, April 12, 2007

Precious Moments

Hooray! There is another baby to add to the mix! Last night around 6pm Corey's cousin Adam and his wife welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world. Sylvia Helen Allingham weighed in at a healthy 8lbs. We don't know much more than that as Adam was a little more than elated when he called and in a hurry to phone everyone else. We are so very happy for the both of them. Corey and I know all to well the blessing that is a new baby.

We also know the pure shock that being thrust into parenthood brings. Haha. We got talking last night about what the first few days and weeks with Bethany were like. I was remembering the night she was born. She slept like an angel, had to be woken for food, latched on no problem and then would drift back off to sleep. I thought I had the world's most amazing baby. I knew she was perfect (and still is) but this was astonishing. Little did I know the day that would follow was full of crying, sleepless, frustrated baby. What did I expect? I'd be a sobbing mess too if someone so gracefully glued a vaccum to the top of my head and yanked me from the warm, squishy place that had been home for the last 9 months. Heck I was a blubbering mess trying to contend with and comfort my new tiny daughter. Thank heavens for Corey and my Mom. Without their support that first week I'd probably be bald today.

From there we started talking about how far she's come. She's no longer a little blob content to eat, sleep and poop. Although she still does all of those things (How is it that someone so small can manage to poop with a force strong enough to have it blow out of the diaper, soak through all layers of clothing and pack into her arm pits? bleck!!!) but she now also smiles, almost laughs - it's right there, plays and is learning quickly how those hands work. She's managed to pinch mommy and rip out Daddy's chest hair - these acts are always followed by the world's largest grin, just to ensure she's not in trouble. She's also started sleeping longer stretches at night as well as has regular naps. I had no idea how sleep deprived I was until the haze started to clear.

Now you would think that this conversation would make me relieved that our new born days were becoming things of the past and we were finally becoming acustomed to being parents. And it did. However it did something strange. Something that if I didn't know better I would think was a story for the X-Files. It was so bizarre, strange and out of this world that I had to stop and re-evaluate. Are you ready? Here it is....I want another baby. Wait Mom, put down the phone, catch your breath, hold those horses - I don't want the baby now. My goodness no. As I'm sure you all can imagine I am not prepared to be pregnant again by any means. But for whatever reason I felt a chill, couldn't help but smile and felt my heart strings tug...I want more babes - one day.

That being said, I am so glad that my darling girlie is growing. I love each day spent with her, seeing the world through her eyes. Each morning when I go to get her out of her crib I'm greated with a smile that says, "Mommy! You're here! I knew you'd come. Pick me up please, I want a hug!" and I'm filled with a love so overwhelming that I can barely breath.

So, congratulations Adam and Danielle, welcome Sylvia and hang on to your hats. The ride is wild but the scenery is breath taking and the moments irreplacable.

Week One

One of my favorite shots

Last week, what a change.

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Jackie G said...

You made me cry first thing this morning. After sitting through those weeks in the hospital and watching you hurt for all thos months... I was prepared for you to say... never again. I am glad those longings to have another baby are there.. take your time you two,...but oh my what a joy. You know what that means hey. You have found that "key" the key to your heart so big nothing else can replace it. The key of motherhood that draws you to your baby in a way nothing can replace it. I see it in your eyes in in Corey's eyes... you are good parents. Gotta go can't see through the tears. Love ya Mom