Friday, May 11, 2007

4 months and counting

I know I've said it before but can you believe how quickly time flies? It feels like only a few short days ago I was complaining endlessly to you all about the doldrums of being pregnant. In reality it's been 4 months. That's right ya'll my darling Bethany is 4 months old and counting.

She's not a tiny baby any more, in these 4 months Beth has grown and changed so much. She's gone from being a beautiful little "blob" to an ever changing and active little girl. Of all the incredible monuments we've hit the absolute best one was her first real laugh. Not a little giggle but a real belly laugh. Needless to say, I cried. There truely is nothing more beautiful than the sound of your child's laugh. The sad part...poor Corey has yet to hear it. He heard an almost laugh the other night but not the real deal. It's like she's taunting him...I had her laughing the other day in the car while we were waiting for him to come out of Lordco. (I know you are all full of shock and awe that Corey came OUT if Lordco on his own. Haha. Generally it takes a big truck, bogger tires and the promise of lots of mud to get him to leave.) Anyhoo, he got with in 4 feet of the car and she quit and would start again. Poor guy. Oh well, when it does happen he'll be elated I'm sure.

Not only is Beth laughing, she's happily using both her Bumbo and her exersaucer. And boy does she look cute. She's out growing the bouncy chair and is so happy to be sitting up like a big girl.

Along with 4 months old however comes the dreaded booster shots. These ones seemed worst than the last for our girl. I could have cried right along side with her. I am so very greatful we have the technology to give our children these vaccines and protect them from all those aweful diseases. But seriously couldn't they find a better way to administer the dose? In some "yummy"(I kid) banana flavored syrup maybe or a shot to mom that would transfer to babe...I'd do it, gladly. Heck even a single shot for them would be better than 3. Oh well, she survived as did I. She was quite grumpy and sleepy until Daddy got home. As soon as she was in her Daddy's arms things started to look up. He was who she wanted for the rest of the evening...I think she was a little mad at mommy for holding her down for those pokes. Poor kid.

As per usual a few more photos to take a gander at. Hope they brighten your day, like they do mine.


Grammy G said...

4 months... where have they gone. Thanks so much Honey for posting the pictures and the updates. It is hard being away from you guys like we are, but having pictures is such a good thing. The thing that makes the time fly are things like diapers, feedings, cleaning house, cooking etc. Take time to stop and smile for each moment is one that God gives you as parents. One moment at a time, enjoy each one for soon you will be looking at pics of Bethany's wee babe. It goes that fast. Enjoy your moments, spend them as many as you can together enjoying her as the gift she is to you as her Mommy and Daddy. I still stop and look at you and Dustin in wonder. I love you all and pray that each day bring one more moment of peace, joy and sheer happiness.
Love always
Grammy / Mom

Janice Vandyk said...

i love her smile!!! Happy Mothers Day!