Saturday, May 5, 2007


"Hold the presses! Don't send that copy - I have some updated news." Actually it's more like a previous post was wrong and needs a correction.

"It was brought to our attention today that the newest babe in the family "Sylvia" isn't a Sylvia at all. Now wait just a minute, don't go assuming that it should be Sylvester. No it's actually Sophia! What a beautiful name! Not that Sylvia is a bad name by any means but Sophia is just so elegant and regal. Not to mention one of the names I was rooting for when it came to naming out little girl. ( Bethany is still #1). We met precious Sophia today and she's adorable! The spitting image of her Daddy. We all came to the conclussion that you can tell our girlies are cousins and Arbogasts.

Anyhoo so that's the news, we are very very very sorry Adam and Danielle. But you'll have to take our Misinformation up with Gramma Kimmie....ahem. She might need those hearing aids sooner than we thought! (Just kidding of course we love you inspite of the oops!

And of course because I know you've all been waiting, more Bethany shots!

I love this could you not!

Daddy's Hand and Baby's Foot

Ducky's are good for eatin'!

She loves to "read" in her Bumbo

Mommy and her Girlie

Daddy and Smilie

Great Grammie and Baby Beth

Grammy and Beth story time


Amanda said...

Great pics, Ashley! Bethany is growing and changing so much!!

Tianna said...

Wow, she is getting so big!

Anonymous said...

She is so Beautiful...Can't believe she is 5 months already. Knowing that made us realise how little we have seen her. Maybe we could all work on that alittle. We miss you guys alot too.
Hope all is well..Love ya
VERY soon to be
Sister in law!

Bethany said...

hi there! nice to meet you too! I'm so happy that there is another "Bethany" in the world. I'm sure she'll grow up to love the name her parents gave her like I did! Although... I did get called "Bad Breath-any", "Barf-any" sometimes... hehe. But really, there arn't too many nicknames :) She's is such a little darling. Have a great day!