Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Moving Away

After a very long 3 months of praying, talking and researching Corey and I have come to a decision. We are moving to Chilliwack. Corey starts work the middle of July and we are officially out of our suite August 1st.

It's no secret to many of you who have been faithful readers and/or friends of ours that once my maternity leave is up, with our current financial situation I would have to return to work. And not just 1 or 2 days a week but full time. As I'm sure you can understand, I don't wanna. I can't imagine leaving my little girl with someone else to raise her and watch her grow up. So, we have been diligently searching for another option. We have searched through the Okanagan and picked our very full brains (although since giving birth I swear half my brain cells are missing) for an alternate solution.

About 3 months ago Corey came across a job in Chilliwack working for a river boat company that would allow him to still get his Marine Mechanic's ticket as well as possibly apply for his Aluminum Welding ticket. We took a look at the job but at first didn't take it very seriously. We love the Okanagan and weren't too keen on the idea of leaving. However, we were praying...hard that God would show us the way and where he is directing our lives. And each time we both seperately and together came back to the same solution...Chilliwack. This job will put us in a financially better position, but still doesn't quite make the whole grade, yet. So in the mean time I will be able to work for my parents company, as they are swamped with office work, and take Bethany to work with me. HOORAY!!!!! I don't have to leave her with a stranger.

It's with mixed feelings we are moving. I'm not going to lie to any of you and say that there isn't a part of me super excited about being closer to my mom and dad. I miss them horribly sometimes and am looking forward to seeing more of them. Although I can't say we don't talk....we keep the lines and our phones, hot with daily banter. That being said, I've been away from home for 4 years and we are managing. I moved away to prove to myself that I could be independant and I've done it! I left home 4 years ago, scared, determined (you know the polite way of saying, stubborn), nieve and ready to take on the world. The world I took on was less than kind at times and many, many tears have been shed but with that also come some great triumphs. I have managed to work my way up a job ladder to a position that seemed only a dream, I have lived in some nice and not so nice (mold everywhere, sewage backing into my shower....) places and most importantly I met the man I was searching for. I truely believe that God brought me to Kelowna to bring Corey and I together.

So, for me it's sad to go because this has become home! I feel like Kelowna and I have this strange and yet bonding relationship because this is where I truely walked into adulthood. This is the city that taught me about using crosswalks (in Hope you don't need to use a cross walk everybody knows you and they just stop and wave), grocery shopping (who knew that houses didn't come with fully stocked spice cupboards and that I had to BUY toilet paper) and being my own person. I have conquered such great hurtles here I am having a hard time saying goodbye.

I have also gained a new family in this here town. Marrying Corey also meant marrying a new family. And over the past 2 years I've grown to love them very much. Corey's Dad Bert and Sue were on our first date, taking us out on the Sea-doos and have been there for every monumental event since. It was Corey's mom Jackie that on the very first night I met her clued me into the fact that Corey was a serious about me as I was about him. As well, she and her new husband, John shared in the newly wed excitement with us as they too were getting married in the Spring of '06. All of these people have also become wonderful Grandparents. Then there are the boys...Travis and Wyatt. In 2 years we have seen them grow so quickly! They have gone from being little boys to young men. What a blessing to see them change and grow.

Finally, the hardest part of leaving for both Corey and I - Scott and Chelsea. Scott is Corey's brother and his very best friend. It has been said on more than one occasion that they behave like twins, and for people with poor eye sight they've even been mistaken for twins. They bike together, fix trucks together and mud bog as a team. And even though as they grow and change, with their time filled with many things, they still rely very much on each other. Chelsea, is Scott's fiance - wife in 17 days, and she herself is an answer to prayer. She was brought into Scott's life during a very turmultous time and has shown him happiness once again. She's a bubbly friendly gal, full of love and life and we so enjoy her. Chelsea and I have become good friends, sharing a love of Stone men and good conversation....we can chatter away for hours. I never had a sister and moving away from my new one is hard.

We know that we aren't far from any of them and we will be back to visit just like they will come down to The Wack, to see us. It's still hard not to be a little sad.

So with mixed emotions we pack our bags to go. Our plan right now is to be back in a few years, this is our home after all, but we will have to bide our time and see where God leads. We know that if we let him take the wheel (even though I'm a control freak and Corey likes to drive) we will never be steered wrong.


Jackie's Heart said...

Tears again, you always do that ya know.
My tears are mixed ones. Tears of happiness of course in having you guys close. Tears of relief having you work in the office for me as a nervous breakdown was just around the corner. And tears of sadness for you guys and the family up there. I know if the tables were turned I would be sad at you guys leaving. We know that the road can be short in times of need or just a desire to see each other, you all will conquer that, we did. But, my sadness is, I am sure for the pull of the heart for the family up there. I don't know who all reads the post in your new family, but I want to extend to them our invitation to come and stay if they are ever wanting to come and visit you. If you don't have room at your new house, and even if everyone wanted to come there is always beds here. So, hugs and a bag full of tears....
Love always, Mom / Grammy

Sue and Dad said...

We are VERY sad at 'loosing you'...but as parents do, we will survive knowing that you have to make hard choices now to ensure your security and happiness in the future, as you say it is not forever, (we will of course hold you to that and remind you at every opportunity) We know how hard a decision it was and how you have agonized over it, I have had many conversations with your Mommy since you came into the family, and I think your Mom and Dad know how much we love you and are so grateful that you found Corey...not to mention produced a beautiful little princess for us all to love.

We have talked lots about you leaving and Corey's Daddy is very sad because he is not much of a travellor and thinks he wont see you guys very much, I have assured him, I will drag him screaming into my minivan and blindfold him if necessary and take him to the coast - frequently, so make sure you rent a house big enough for all of us...and of course when you visit here it wont be for a few hours, we will have you for weekends and hopefully longer...and I guess we have to be fair and let your Mom and Dad have their fair share of your family....(first reminder> kinda Arnies words,,, you'll be back...soon)..Be brave, we are behind you, every step of the way, we are so proud of all of you and love you till it hurts, thats how we know its real..see you Sunday..

Amanda said...

We are going to miss you all but we know you're making the best decision for the growing little family of yours. Just make sure you come and visit, OK? :)