Sunday, July 1, 2007

A new day!

Did you know that laundry is a never ending task? I no sooner finish the "last" load of laundry when my husband comes home covered in mud or my darling daughter decides to spit up on me or I gracefully splash salad dressing, spaghetti sauce and dribble juice down my chin, on to my once clean shirt. Just when it seems that all the towels are clean somebody decides to shower or somebody decides that it's funny to grab her rice cereal spoon and fling it at mommy. Grrr....I hate laundry. I'd rather vacuum, dust, wash windows, do dishes, clean the bathroom or even wash out the garbage can! Yes I know it's a stinky job but it has an end! It can be completed. (Please know those are just things I'd rather do...I'm not volunteering.) Just please, please, PLEASE don't make me do laundry!

To top of my disdain for laundry is my "perfectionist" compulsion. You see, I am very picky about how my laundry is folded. Towels are folded, in half, in half and in thirds. Face clothes in quarters, sheets in perfect form so they stack nicely and baby clothes folded with minimal creases. Then my husband and I differ in how we feel t-shirts should be folded. This means that I have to fold mine one way and his the other. If I forget and fold something wrong, instead of leaving it I go back and do it again. This ridiculous habit, is one that just prolongs my frustration... I can see that! Stop shaking your heads at me...I can't help it.

This being said, I have made a decision. There should be one day a week designated to being naked. That's right, I said it, Naked. I'm saying this simply because at times I feel too lazy to do laundry or maybe it's because I'm starting to feel like a washing machine. I found myself the other night playing "washing machine" with my daughter in the tub. You see, naked day would mean that when Bethany had a blow out poop (which happens often) it could be just wiped off with wipes. Or when I spilt my dinner (which again, happens often) I could use a napkin and when Corey comes home covered in mud....waaaait a minute where is he going NAKED!?! Maybe I better think this through. I mean really, I don't want anybody but me to see my husband naked and goodness knows I do not want to see any of my neighbors in the nude. Can you imagine how awkward that could be? I'm not a pervert really! I just hate laundry.

Well folks, I guess naked day is a flop...haha :) If you have any suggestions pass them along...I'm really sick of laundry!

2 comments: said...

You are such a goof!!!! You read this to me before I left yesterday, but today I laughed harder. I hate laundry too, but not a chance on the vote for nude day. hahha Love ya Honey

Mom /Grammy

Sherri said...

Hi Ashley, You are a great writer! I love the way you tell your stories. You should write a book! And yes, I hate laundry too... most of the time I just leave it sitting in the dryer for as long as I can and pull things out of it as soon as I need them. But then the next load comes and needs the dryer and it's another continuous, never-ending cycle! I love the pics of Bethany.. she's adorable! You're looking great yourself!-Sherri