Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Seeing how my last post was met with strange looks and silent viewers I've decided to post something a little more normal and cheerful. This past weekend Corey's brother and best friend Scott married his beautiful fiance Chelsea. It was wonderful!

The night before the outdoor wedding was horrible. We had a big but beautiful thunder and lightning storm and it rained. Ohhhh did it ever rain. Many of us spent a good portion of the evening on our knees praying for the day to come. Well, man did God answer! ( He always does!!!!) It was gorgeous. The day turned out to be warm/hot but not a cooker. It was great.

It was an amazing ceremony and a fantastic reception. I am so glad to finally be able to call Chelsea my sister officially. And we are just so greatful for how happy she makes Scott. Her personality is cheerful and infectious and their love lights up a room. She is another one of God's great answers.

I am still awaiting photos of the gorgeuos bride and groom they are coming. But for the time being here are some of my little family. Look how handsome my husband is! Not only is he a wondeful loving, kind and caring man, he's also hot! Seeing him in that tux made my stomach flutter and my heart skip a beat. Man, do I love him!

Gramma Kimmie, Grandpa Kimmie & Bethany

Grammy, Papa & Bethany

Daddy, Mommy & Bethany

Grandpa Bert, Daddy & Bethany
Daddy and his Girlie
Daddy, Grandpa Bert and Bethany
Gramma Sue, Grandpa Bert and Bethany

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