Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tales from the road

We're Here! One week ago today Corey, Bethany and I loaded up the car and the truck with our suitcases and the half of Toys 'R Us that Bethany owns and headed for Chilliwack. It was a long drive, (made much longer of course by the fact that we have a baby who now wants to get out and move around every so often) God was watching over our family and 7 hours after we left we arrived here tired but safe.

Our trip on the whole was pretty uneventful. Bethany as usual was a real trooper, sleeping, or chattering away most of the trip. She had a few scream moments but those were mostly about the time she wanted to get out and squirm around. Corey's truck made the journey surprisingly well. We had our reservations as his truck has been know to protest even the smallest of hills. But she did great! A real trooper through those mountain passes we never really dropped below 80km/h - a blessing!!!! If it weren't for the lone of Scott's walkie talkies I'm sure by the time we arrived I'd have been glassy eyed and drooling a little - it was a long drive and even though I was the driver I was bored. Corey and I once again got to put our code names to good use and had some good laughs.

This week has also been a good one. We are settling in at my Mom and Dad's, we are so grateful that they've opened up their home to us for the time being. We have been searching for a place to live and have viewed some real duds. I can't believe what people try to pass as a "safe and pleasant" living environment. Because we have come mid month our selection has been very scarce. We are still on the hunt but have every confidence that the right home is waiting for us.

Corey has started his job and is quite happy. We've worked out the few glitches that come with most jobs and he's really enjoying himself. It's a nice change of pace to go to a smaller shop. They are still very busy but not chaotic. He was even fortunate enough to go for a lake test, with a jet drive his first week of work. It was wonderful for him but not so great for his see, as awesome as it's been having my happy husband back, on that day he walked through the front door and announced - "I want a jet drive boat...they're wicked!" Great, another "toy" to ad to the list. Haha he'll have to wait.

Bethany has also reached a milestone this week. She's breaking teeth. Yes, that's right folks I said TEETH! Not one but two of her bottom teeth are showing themselves. As of last night they both have broken the surface of her gums and should she attempt to chew on your finger you are now met with a less than gummy experience - ouch! Bethany has, as usual handled herself like a champ and aside from a few whiny day moments and a couple of very sleepless nights she's done great. I'm so proud of her!

So that's the update, I'll do my best to post regularily. And once things are a little more settled I'll have lots of pictures to share with everyone. We love and miss you all and look forward to hearing from and seeing you all soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Corey, Ashley and Bethany,
We are so happy that everything is going well. You are always in our prayers. Yes, you are right, God will provide the best house for you, butit will be in his time not ours, so patients is a must. I know it is not easy with you, but I am sure your Mom and Bethany will keep you so busy that time will pass very quickly. Many Blessing to you all, Love John and Mom Kimmie..

Niki said...

Glad the three of you made it, safely and with your sanity intact!

We'll have to plan to see each other one of these days! I need to meet your darling girl!

Dad and Sue said...

Miss you already......nice to see you Saturday for the final all looked exhausted from the heat and the you can sit for awhile and relax. Dad is coming down to vancouver on the 9th ..he hopes to stop in...will call first..

Chelsea and Scott got home safely, Scott is having a hard time with seperation from Corey (they are like twins..maybe closer)so Chelsea tells us, but plans to visit as often as chin up everyone its only a few hours away....we will all have to make a special effort to travel back and forth...

Love Sue and Dad (Granpa)

Chelsea Stone said...

Hey guys,
As Sue says Scott does miss you very much, but so do I. We will be up there in less then 2 weeks to see you again. We love you!!
Chels and Scott