Sunday, August 12, 2007

An update

I do believe I owe you all an apology. I am so sorry that it's been so long since I wrote you a blog and that it's been even longer since I posted pictures of the world's cutest baby. Life on this end has been a little crazy what with looking for a place to live, taking care of an ever changing Bethany, learning the office work for my parents and just generally being a wife, mother, do it all-er and somewhere in there I'm also trying to be my own person. It's all been good mind you (house hunting aside, lol) but I've just kinda let blogging fall to the bottom of the pile.

Today however I have a few things to update ya'll on.

First, we have found a place! I go tomorrow to sign the papers and hand over the cheques but as it stands tonight we have a place of our own. It's the upper suite in a house, a first for us! It's larger than where we were living with a big deck, nice yard and neighborhood and a kitchen that actually has counter tops. It's been years since I've been able to have more than one mixing bowl on the counter at a time. The people living in the basement suite are the owners, a couple getting married in October. They are still renovating so until then, we have the house to our selves. It's such a relief for both Corey and I to know that we have a nice, safe place to call home. Praise the Lord!!!!! He's ever faithful!

The rest of the updates come in the form of pictures. I will at a later date regail you all with the tails of searching for a home and the things happening here. But for now you'll have to settle for some pictures and quickie explanations.

Please accept my apology for neglecting you all and we do hope you enjoy the pictures. We love hearing from you all so please, leave us a comment or two!

We went to the Chilliwack Exhibition today and played a few games. Here is what Corey has to show for his dart throwing abilities.

Bethany's first time seeing baby chicks....You can't really see them but they are there. She was facinated with them!

"Hello Mr. Goat"

This is Bethany with cousin Cole. He's only 1 month older but he's already crawling, pulling himself up to stand and saying "Dada". He's such a doll! But after an hour spent playing with him I was glad Beth is still imobile.

"Mommy, do I have to sit next to Cole?"

Bethany and I with Jenny and Cole

Love this face!

"Awww nice hug"

"He's touching me!!!!"

"She smells funny!"

Bethany loves tubby time with her Daddy. Her little star is her favorite toy

Bethy and Daddy

"How do I look?"

She's always chattering away to the stickers on her highchair

I love this picture. She totally looks like she's saying "Wasssssuuuup"

Daddy and his girl

This is Bethany with her Sweet Pea flowers. Read back in the old posts around December and you can read all about the nickname Sweet Pea that my mom has given her.
So sweet!

Everybody loves a little star once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kids,
It is so great to read your letters and that God answered our diligent prayers for a place for you to live. We are so happy for you all and always are praying for your well being. Bethany is looking more like her mother every time we see pics of her. Just wanted to let you know we are always thinking of you and love you so much....take care and God Bless Love Mom and John Kimmie

Chelsea Stone said...

YES!!! You found a place....That is wonderful! can't wait to see you guys. We love you so much!
Chels and Scott

Janice Vandyk said...

hey, good to see the update! im glad you found a place! and your daughter is adorable

Niki said...

Glad you are back! Figured you were pretty busy getting settled into your new town. Yay, you found a place to live!

And enjoyed the pics! Bethany is getting so big!