Friday, December 21, 2007

A Dress, a picture, a memory

Here are some photos of a dress that my Grammie, Bethany's great Grammie made for her and also some photos to make you smile. I have a dress that I wore when I was a little younger than Bethy that my Grammie made and when Beth was tiny she wore it. This is another great memory to pass on to Bethany's children. Tonight, these pictures are going to have to be worth a thousand words (Translate: 1,564,327 "Ashley Words" my verbal diarrhea generally spews out a few more words than the average bear.) I'm too tired to type any more....

There are flowers on the dress that she was so facinated with.

Baby chub!

Bethany tried for 20 minutes to tie her shoes. She's learned to say "Shoe" very clearly so she sat there mumbling to herself and every few minutes you'd hear "Shoe Shoe!"

"Still trying Mama"

I love this little shirt it's so cute and grown up!

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desperate housewife said...

It is very grown up, that shirt. I love it when babies look like funny little grown ups!